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The Effects of Mineral Oil on Skin

Unfortunately, Mineral oil has gotten a bad name over the years. In 1907 cold cream's stability was ensured when mineral oil replaced the other commonly used oils such as olive oil and almond oil because they spoil easily. Mineral oil is a natural oil, very highly refined from petroleum oil, which comes from the earth. Unlike other natural oils, mineral oil is a clear, odorless oil that requires no preservatives, no one is allergic to it and it has a shelf life that is indefinite.

This ingredient is used as a product lubricant, protective ingredient, and a binder. It is used is baby creams, baby lotions, cleansing creams, cold creams, emollients, moisturizers, eye creams, foundation creams and makeup, hair conditioners, hand lotions, lipsticks, mascaras, rouge, shaving creams, compact powders, makeup removers, suntan creams, oils and ointments. If a company uses too much mineral oil, this can lead to breakouts, if you are acne prone. But, in moderation it is a very useful ingredient for skin care needs, such as use in moisturizers. Does your skincare product contain mineral oil?
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