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By partnering with Lexli, both you and your Clients can benefit from the decades of experience and research that Dr. Abdullah and his team have put into every Lexli product. To get started, all you have to do is fill out a simple contact form located at the link below.


Effectively build and maintain customer loyalty by offering your current and potential clients the ability to order product online at Not only does this program make Lexli products more easily accessible by your clientele, it also improves your profit margins while encouraging repeat business.

There are two unique ways to earn additional revenue with Lexli, through our website:

  1. As a Lexli professional, you will be issued a unique identifying code that you can give to current customers, allowing them to order Lexli products online. This allows you to capture all of your clients’ sales and makes it easy and convenient for them to maintain their skincare regimen. Once registered at our site using your unique identifying code, clients will be reminded that they are shopping through you as a partner of Lexli.

  2. Any new visitor to must register with a skincare professional before they may purchase products. Regardless of whether or not they have an existing relationship with you, these individuals may select you as their skincare professional from the results of Lexli’s online zip code search. After an individual has chosen you as their professional, they may begin shopping. The sales generated will result in more profit and new customer acquisition for your business.

Professional eligibility in the Lexli Loyalty Program may vary from month-to-month. To receive customer commission, accounts must place a minimum wholesale order of $500 and must generate a minimum of $250 in online client sales at during the same month. (Client sales are tracked via the professional’s online code.)