Lexli Acne Kit:
Before and Afters


See Real Results

The before and after images below are the very best kind; the kind that customers send in because they're so excited about the transformation their skin has undergone. There's no retouching and no professional lighting - just 100% success! 


  • Francesca's Story

    “... the Acne Kit not only eliminated breakouts, it also improved the overall quality of my skin .... Everything worked together seamlessly for a very simple skin care routine that anyone can follow!“

  • Autumn's Story

    “I have probably spent thousands and thousands on medications insurance didn’t cover and even more at Sephora and Ulta trying to find something to fix my acne. It is an absolute blessing to have found Lexli!”

  • Sierra's Story

    “Initially, the Kit felt like a lot of steps... However, I began to see results pretty quickly and discovered that it was well worth the extra time. I now rely on each step of the Lexli acne regimen and don’t want to be without any of the products.”

  • Kathryn's Story

    “I’ve had acne since I was 17 and nothing has worked for me in the past. My international career on stage requires that I wear heavy stage makeup, which doesn’t help with the issue. But my regimen with Lexli has changed everything for me.”