Interview with Dr. Abdullah: Lexli Esthetic Scholarship Program

Late last week, we publicly announced some exciting news: the introduction of the Lexli Esthetic Scholarship Program, which will annually offer two $1,000 scholarships to those training for a career in esthetics. This is a project close to the hearts of many on our team, especially  Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, Lexli founder and president. While kicking off the program, we sat down with Dr. A to get his thoughts on the esthetic industry and his vision for the program.

Q: Dr. A, you have expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the launch of a scholarship program specific to estheticians. Why is this initiative so important?

A: Two reasons, really. First, estheticians are a core part of our business. Lexli aloe vera skin care products are sold by licensed estheticians throughout the United States and, whether they work in a large clinic, a small spa or somewhere in between, these men and women have been huge champions of Lexli's growth. The introduction of this scholarship specific to the esthetic industry is one way in which we can show our appreciation and support.

Secondly, the esthetic industry is in a heavy growth mode. The Department of Labor projects that, between 2014 and 2024, the field of "skincare specialists" will grow 12 percent, which is faster than the average for all occupations. It's vital that, as a member of the skin care industry, we help to make entry into this field attainable and affordable for everyone.

Q: The scholarship application process is a bit unique in that entrants must submit a video. Why did you and your team add this requirement?

A: In my experience, estheticians are extremely passionate about what they do. Most of the individuals I've met have had big ideas about why skin care is important and how the esthetic industry can evolve to meet consumers' needs. Video will allow us to showcase that enthusiasm to a range of audiences and helps us to communicate why estheticians are vital to achieving your best skin.

Q: How will scholarship winners be selected?

A: We have selected individuals from different backgrounds to comprise the judging panel. Among them are licensed estheticians, physicians, marketing professionals and Lexli customers. This group will be reviewing all applications and videos and will, ultimately, select an individual that they feel demonstrates passion and excitement for their future in esthetics.

To learn more about the Lexli Esthetic Scholarship Program and apply, visit the program page at The application deadline for the first scholarship is August 15, 2017.