Mandy Murry's Must-Have Travel Products (Guest Post)

We invited travel, lifestyle, health and wellness writer, Mandy Murry, to the Lexli blog today to share with us the list of products she never travels without. As someone who "cloudsurfs" (flying on airplanes) more than 100,000 miles each year and a fashion and beauty fanatic, we consider her an authority on the topic of looking and feeling your best when away from home. With that, take it away, Mandy: 

As a writer, I get the opportunity to try a lot of new things. Whether I am visiting new beaches or resorts, testing new products, or interviewing industry experts, I am exposed to many exciting concepts. When I receive new products to test out, it is exciting, however I will say I am very picky about my favorite things. 

I’m a simple women, yet complex when it comes to my dresses, shoes, and outfits. I love products, but I do have favorites that adorn my bathroom shelf and my travel bag. Regular travel requires me to be armed with the right products to keep me looking and feeling my best at all times. Here is my list of cannot-leave-home-without products:

Perfect Hair Day by Living Proof

This in the shower hair product helps tame frizz and create a smooth, sexy, sleek look for my natural curls. It's a lifesaver for beach destinations and quick overnights when I can’t stand to not wash my hair.

AloeGlyC® by Lexli

This daily  glycolic acid exfoliator is my favorite “must-have."  It keeps my face looking healthy and bright. Whether I am meeting new people or doing an interview, I want to feel and look my best. AloeGlyC is one of those products that I use daily and will cry if I have forgotten it. It is also great for your feet: after the shower rub it on your heels to keep your feet from appearing dry or cracked.

Kevin Murphy Shampoo & Conditioner

I use the Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner; the soft purple bottle with the good plum smell. There is really nothing better. It keeps my locks fresh and clean while on the road or in the skies.

Revital-Eyes by Lexli

Eye cream is a must. Why do I use this one? Its a  firming eye cream whose primary ingredient is pharmaceutical grade aloe, which means it actually penetrates my skin and goes to work on the laughter lines that surround my eyes. (What can I say, I laugh a lot.) It's also the perfect after-flight revitalization to brighten my face.

MakeSense Foundation by SeneGence

This sheer foundation offers the perfect coverage that lasts all day. It does not cake, flake, or leave bad makeup lines. And if I get emotional, it doesn’t leave tear stains on my cheek.

Bvlgari ‘au thé blanc’ Perfume

This year I changed my go-to “light” fragrance to this beauty from Bvlgari. Why? It is a fresh, simple scent that does not overpower or overwhelm. One of my favorite fragrance tips: Spray your hair brush with your perfume just before you brush your hair or use one spray on your hair to keep the scent with you all day.

Colgate Wisps

Everyone feels better when they know their breath is on point. After a long day of traveling, likely coupled with unhealthy snacks, we're often left with something far worse than morning breath. I carry a couple of

Colgate Wisps with me at all times. They help me to feel more confident and comfortable before a meeting, on a plane, or during a conversation with someone I've just met. It’s the little things that make us feel better about ourselves.

Mandy Murry is an accredited international travel, lifestyle, health and wellness writer, with features published in Thrive Global, Bella Grace, 24Karat, NC Living, X Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Yucatán Times, Live and Invest Overseas, TravelAge West and more. Her captivating story-telling adds magic to her words and her passion for writing is as contagious as her passion for life and cloudsurfing (aka flying). Mandy blogs at