Why Simple is Better When it Comes to Skin Care Routines

Visit a drugstore or department store and it's clear that, as consumers, we have a dizzying number of skin care products at our disposal today. From serums to toners, exfoliators to moisturizers, they all seem necessary to our skin care regimen. But are they?

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, Lexli founder and lead formulator, has long argued that simplicity is best when it comes to your skin. As Dr. A explains in Dermascope magazine, complicated skin care routines are potentially harmful for the following reasons:

* They are often abandoned before results can be achieved.

* The more products that are applied to the skin, the greater the chance of an allergic reaction.

* Use too many products and the active ingredients can cancel each other out or interact negatively.

Dr. A recommends a basic four-step skin care routine for most individuals. By implementing this routine consistently, properly and with well-formulated products, most individuals will see a positive improvement in their skin within a few weeks, with more noticeable results coming over the course of several months.

We're curious about our readers' skin care regimens. Does your routine lean toward the complicated side or do you stick with the basics? Also, have you been overwhelmed with the skin care product choices on the market today? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments.