Skin Type: Oily

Oily skin appears oily and feels greasy across the entire face. This skin type may experience breakouts.

Learn More About Oily Skin

Your Twice-Daily Routine

Follow these simple steps when you wake in the morning and before bed at night for beautiful, glowing skin.

  • Lexli Cleansing Lotion 4oz bottle
  • Acne Cleanser
  • Step One: Cleanse

    Morning & Evening
    Morning Step Evening Step

    If pores are congested and breakouts are common, Acne Cleanser may be used. However, if skin has no significant congestion, Cleansing Lotion is appropriate.

    Cleansing Lotion Directions: Pump a quarter-size amount of Cleansing Lotion into clean palm. Using your fingertips, massage Cleansing Lotion onto all areas of your dampened face and neck for at least 30 seconds before rinsing.

  • Acne Cleanser Directions: Gently apply a nickel-size amount of Acne Cleanser to the face. Using your fingertips, massage all areas of your face, starting in the middle and moving out, for at least 30 seconds before rinsing.

    Pro tip: Some individuals have best results when alternating between Acne Cleanser and Cleansing Lotion. Doing so helps to keep breakouts at bay while helping to balance the skin's sebum levels.
    • Tone & Balance
    • Step Two: Refresh

      Optional for Morning & Evening
      Morning Step Evening Step

      Mist Tone & Balance over the face and neck to remove last traces of dirt, makeup and debris from the skin while minimizing redness and inflammation.

      Pro tip: Use Tone & Balance throughout the day to keep your skin feeling comfortable. Tone & Balance can also be used to set makeup, in place of aftershave, to calm the discomfort of sunburn, in place of body lotion after a bath or shower, and more.
    • AloeGlyC®
    • Step Three: Exfoliate

      Morning & Evening
      Morning Step Evening Step

      Place a nickel-size amount of AloeGlyC® in the palm of your hand. Using fingertips, massage AloeGlyC onto all areas of face and neck using upward and outward circles. Continue until blue vitamin C beads have dissolved. Take caution to avoid eyes.

      Pro tip: If you are starting AloeGlyC for the first time, dilute it with moisturizer and only use it at night. Decrease dilution and increase usage over a two-week period.
    • Daily Moisturizer for Oily Skin
    • Step Four: Moisturize

      Morning and Evening
      Morning Step Evening Step

      Pump Daily Moisturizer for Oily Skin into the palm of clean hands and gently massage this gel-based formulation onto face and neck using upward and outward strokes. 

    • Sunscreen Spray
    • Step Five: Protect

      Morning Only
      Morning Step 

      Spray a light mist of Sunscreen Spray onto face and neck to protect the skin from UV damage.

Supplemental Products

Enhance your skin's beauty with these additional products.

  • Acne Clarifying Lotion

    Use Clarifying Lotion as a spot treatment when the occasional blemish occurs.

  • Lightening Lift

    Use frequently throughout the week for mild exfoliation, to brighten skin tone, improve texture, calm inflammation and provide the skin with antioxidant protection.

  • Hand & Body Lotion

    Use after showering and throughout the day to keep skin moisturized and comfortable.

More Information for Oily Skin Type

Oily skin, characterized by a shiny appearance and the constant presence of oil on the skin’s surface, is due to overactive sebaceous glands that secrete excess sebum (skin oil). In many cases, those with oily skin also have thickened skin texture, experience enlarged pores, and are prone to blemishes and breakouts.

While genetics are primarily to blame for oily skin, those with normal or combination skin may experience oiliness when in a humid climate. Additionally, hormone surges can play a role, especially during adolescence, menstruation and pregnancy.

To normalize the skin’s sebum production and minimize the potential for acne, a skin care routine for oily skin should include a few key elements:

  • Clear Pores
    Non-comedogenic formulations that do not clog pores.

  • Exfoliate
    Exfoliation to keep pores clear and reduce keratin buildup while helping to minimize pore size.

  • Moisturize
    Lightweight and/or gel-based moisturizers and serums that are easily absorbed into the skin. While some individuals with oily skin choose to skip moisturizers for fear of added greasiness, doing so many only worsen oiliness. If skin becomes dehydrated, it will begin producing more sebum.

  • Protect
    Daily use of sunscreen to protect skin and prevent photoaging

Some individuals with very oily skin can benefit from use of a cleanser that contains salicylic acid to cut through oil, which is why Lexli Acne Cleanser is offered as an alternative cleansing product. Because the chest and back may also be oily, it is beneficial to implement your skin care routine for oily skin on these areas, as well. To minimize the appearance of oil on the skin throughout the day, blotting papers are beneficial.

Many individuals with oily skin have found significant improvement through the consistent use of masks, like Lexli Lightening Lift, an aloe vera mask that helps to decongest pores and normalize sebum levels.

It is vital that the skin care products you select do not include harsh ingredients that strip the skin of its oil. While these products may temporarily make skin feel less oily, they harm the skin’s protective acid mantle and can inflict long-term damage.

Although oily skin can be a cosmetic nuisance, there are benefits to having this skin type. Skin sebum contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps to protect skin from damage. Additionally, because oily skin is better hydrated than other skin types, it tends to age well. Despite that, it is still advantageous to add anti-aging products to your skin care routine as you notice the signs of aging beginning to appear. 

Those with oily skin often find that their skin becomes less oily with age. For this reason, it is beneficial to re-evaluate your skin as you notice changes. You may find that you fit into a different skin type as you get older, requiring a different skin care routine.

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