Customer Acne Testimonial: Francesca

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Struggling with acne is nothing new to Francesca Gariano. This 22-year-old beauty blogger has been battling persistent hormonal acne since she was 13 years old. By her own account, Francesca has tried every acne regimen under the sun - from over-the-counter drugstore products and high-end department store brands to prescription retinol and other acne treatments recommended by her dermatologist - with very little success.

Recently, Francesca made the move to New York City and the skin that she thought was becoming more manageable took a turn for the worst. On top of hormonal factors, the move added environmental and stress factors, leading to severe breakouts around her mouth, chin, and cheeks. (Learn more about the " The Four Main Causes of Acne"). It was around this time that Francesca was introduced to Lexli and the rest, as they say, is history.

It didn’t take long for Francesca’s skin to show amazing improvement once she began using the Lexli Acne Kit. Instead of being a source of frustration for Francesca, her skin is now the topic of conversation at work. For the first time in nine years, her breakouts are gone, her skin is hydrated and less red, and her skin tone is even. Struggling with skin congestion is a thing of the past.

We asked Francesca to share with us her and the path that led to her skin improvement. Read on to learn what she had to say.

Francesca Before and After Lexli

 Left: Francesca before using the Lexli Acne Kit    Right: After using the Lexli Acne Kit for four weeks

Lexli: How long did it take before you began seeing your skin improve with Lexli?

Francesca: It took a couple of weeks to see subtle changes but around the one-month mark, I noticed a massive difference.

Lexli: Did you experience any initial side effects?

Francesca: After about a week and a half to two weeks, my skin did purge a little bit but I was expecting this based on the reviews I read and the product description of AloeGlyC®. I just had a few unexpected spots while my skin purged all of the “bad” out of it so I could be left with clean and clear skin instead!

Lexli: How has your skin changed since using Lexli?

Francesca: My acne just doesn’t exist anymore! I still get my hormonal acne around that time of month, but my skin was under an extreme amount of stress after I got a new job, moved across the state to New York City, and tried to acclimate to my new lifestyle. I also think the new climate and air quality had a huge negative impact on my skin. It took time to figure out what would truly make my face less inflamed and harmed by the free radicals in the air!

Lexli: Tell us about the Lexli products that have had the biggest impact on your skin.

Francesca: I would say that the combination of AloeGlyC® glycolic acid exfoliator and Clarifying Lotion made the biggest difference in my skin. As important as cleansing and moisturizing are, I find that the Clarifying Lotion and AloeGlyC® are two very unique products that you just can’t find among other skincare brands.

“…I find that the Clarifying Lotion and AloeGlyC® are two very unique products that you just can’t find among other brands.”

Lexli: Any additional thoughts you would like to share?

Francesca: I am typically skeptical of products that target congestion and blemishes because in the past they just haven’t been effective for me but I feel like the Acne Kit not only eliminated breakouts, it also improved the overall quality of my skin, making it less dry, less red, and more even. Everything worked together seamlessly for a very  simple skincare routine that anyone can follow!

Lexli: Can you share your a.m. and p.m. skincare routine with us?

Francesca: In the morning, I cleanse my face with Lexli Acne Cleanser and pat it dry. I then apply Acne Clarifying Lotion, followed by AloeGlyC® and let it dry for 15 minutes. I follow up with the Acne Moisturizer with SPF 15 to make sure I am moisturized and my skin is protected before heading outside. I’ll also use a rose water spray as well.

At night-time I remove my eye makeup and face makeup, cleanse with Lexli Acne Cleanser and use a witch hazel toner and face oil. After that, I finish up with Acne Clarifying Lotion, AloeGlyC®, and Lexli Daily Moisturizer for Oily Skin. I’ll sometimes put an overnight sleeping mask on for an extra dose of hydration if my skin is particularly dry. (Read more about " The Acne Facial You Can Do at Home").

If you have a Lexli skincare transformation story you’d like to share, email our team at and we may feature you in an upcoming post.

Update: Two Years Later

After nearly two years since talking with Francesca about her experience with Lexli, we checked in with her for an update. "Lexli is still working wonders! One of the only brands whose products across the board work for me with no irritations!” Francesca continues to be consistent in her daily use of Lexli products.