Five Aloe Vera Skin Benefits

When selecting skincare products, most of us take into account many factors, such as price, active ingredients featured in the formulation, the product’s fragrance and texture, and more. What we often overlook, however, is an examination of the product’s base (also called the "delivery vehicle"). The base is the product’s main ingredient and, as such, it sets the stage for the results that can be achieved through use of the product. Most skincare products are formulated with a base of water – an economical base that mixes well with other ingredients and keeps the weight of the product light. However, water does little more than act as a solvent in which to dissolve the other ingredients that are added to the product. Contrarily, Lexli products are formulated with a base of organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera – a soothing base that actually helps the skin. Consider the following aloe vera skin benefits:

1. Aloe is Easily Absorbed by the Skin

Because aloe has a naturally small molecular size, it is more easily absorbed by the skin. This is important, as it allows aloe's approximately 75 active components, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharides and fatty acids, to reach the layers of skin where they can provide benefits.

2. Aloe is a Natural Skin Moisturizer

Aloe vera has a polysaccharide-rich composition that makes it an effective natural moisturizer.  Aloe-based skincare products leave the skin of all individuals feeling more hydrated and comfortable, regardless of skin type. Those with dry or sensitive skin, however, may notice the largest improvement in this area. While water-based cleansers tend to leave their skin feeling dry or tight, aloe-based cleansers, like Lexli Cleansing Lotion, have the opposite effect.

3. Aloe Can Improve Conditions Like Acne

Among the four main causes of acne are bacteria and inflammation. Aloe’s saponin and barbaloin content allow it to act as an antimicrobial, thereby minimizing the presence of bacteria, such as Cutibacterium (C. acnes), which is involved in the development of acne. Aloe also contains salicylic acid and sterols, which inhibit acute inflammation. 

4. Aloe Soothes Inflammatory Skin Conditions

As noted above, aloe contains compounds that allow it to reduce inflammation and erythema (redness caused by inflammation); which is why aloe gel has long been the ideal treatment for sunburn. Beyond sunburns, however, aloe vera can be used to calm inflammation associated with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, sensitive skin and more. 

5. Aloe has Anti-Aging Benefits

Scientific research has shown that several components in aloe give it an impressive ability to regenerate cells. These include gibberellin, a growth hormone-like substance that increases protein synthesis, and lectin, a protein that increases collagen activity and improves the collagen matrix. Aloe also has been shown to stimulate the fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin fibers, helping to improve skin elasticity while minimizing the presence of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Lexli’s founder  Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, a board-certified plastic surgeon and noted aloe researcher, agrees with the comments of H. Reginald McDaniel, a prominent researcher at the Dallas-Fort Worth Medical Center, who said that "The use of aloe vera will be the most important single step forward in the treatment of diseases in the history of mankind." As aloe’s benefits are increasingly highlighted in medical journals across the globe, we expect that more and more individuals will seek it out for the health needs. 

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