Chloé Amstutz: Understanding the Importance of Skin Care

One of the hardest things to teach new estheticians is how to educate guests on home care. I know because I’ve spent the last few years as an esthetics educator doing exactly that! As an esthetician, I have an inherent interest in products, their benefits, their textures, how they work and why I need them in my already elaborate AM and PM routine. I don’t mind investing in products and spending time on my routine because it is my business to have healthy skin and represent my knowledge of esthetics on my largest advertisement . . . yup, my face. But the idea that the average person (not an esthetician) would perform an 11-step routine morning and night is unrealistic, if not a little crazy. A skin care routine at home does not have to be that elaborate to be effective, but it does have to include good quality products with high quality ingredients.

Estheticians struggle to educate their guests about the importance of skin care for a few main reasons. In general, people get facial treatments sporadically, like before a big event or while on vacation and their focus is on relaxation and immediate results. When clients do commit to regular monthly facials, there is an underlying feeling that the investment in these regular treatments should be enough to create changes in the skin, in turn, making the recommendation of home care products feel like an “upsell.” Most estheticians don’t like to sell and we know that most clients don’t like to be sold to; so how do we, as professionals, educate clients about the role of good skin care at home?

In the immortal words of Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you.” Often times we teach esthetic students to educate guests about the importance of taking care of their skin between facials to help extend the benefits of the facial. In my opinion, we have it backwards. I believe that it is a good home care routine between the professional treatments that helps deliver the best results. Blasphemy, I know. But really, think about it. You don’t go to the dentist every six months, get a deep clean, and then never brush again, right? You brush every day to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and then take it a step further with a deep clean at the dentist’s office. Taking care of your skin is no different. In order to get the best result from your regular facial, you have to keep your skin healthy in between treatments and that, for me, is where Lexli steps in.

I believe that it is a good home care routine between the professional treatments that helps deliver the best results . . . You don’t go to the dentist every six months, get a deep clean, and then never brush again, right?

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Lexli as a brand new esthetician. Lexli founder  Dr. Ahmed Abdullah came to my school and spoke to us about his skin care line, the philosophy behind it, and why it works. I remember sitting in the room, feeling like everything he was saying about  aloe vera, inflammation and exfoliation made so much sense and provided this deeper understanding of how to take care of skin. Why base all of our skin care products in water if we can’t use/absorb it, when we could put ingredients in a base (Lexli uses organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera) that is not only beneficial to the skin itself, but also helps deliver ingredients deeper into the layers of the skin?? Mind blown. I was HOOKED.

Anyone who has struggled with their skin knows how hard it is to try new products and stick with them for the right period of time before ditching them prematurely for lack of results! I made a commitment to myself to use the samples Dr. Abdullah provided us for four FULL WEEKS before making any changes. Even though the samples were for normal-to-dry skin and I have oily/acneic skin, I recognized that Cleansing Lotion, Tone & Balance, and AloeGlyC® were part of the basic routines of most skin types. I’m pretty sure it was less than one week before I was on the phone, calling Lexli, asking if I could set up an account as a student. I couldn't believe how much better my skin was and I wasn’t even using the products that directly targeted my skin’s issues! That was roughly seven years ago.

What I have always said about Lexli skin care, and continue to say to family, friends, students and clients, is that Lexli brings your skin to its most optimal healthy state. It balances, restores, and prepares the skin to receive the benefits of professional treatments and achieve real change in their skin. Without using Lexli at home, in between treatments, I am less confident in the skin’s health and ability to heal properly from treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and microneedling.

Chloé's Favorite Products

I have used just about every Lexli product at one time or another, but I do have a couple of personal favorites:

  • The Acne Kit was a game changer for my skin and has been for anyone I recommend it to. It clears and heals the skin without it being overly dry or sensitized.
  • Cleansing Lotion, Tone & Balance facial toner, and AloeGlyC® glycolic acid exfoliator (the star of the show) are my holy grail products and get used no matter what other products I might be trying.
  • Night Moisturizer has the loveliest consistency, almost whipped, that absorbs beautifully into the skin without feeling heavy or tacky and that is incredibly important for this oily-skinned gal!
  • Last but not least,  Moisture Intensifier Serum layers beautifully under any day or night moisturizer for that extra boost in dry areas and is great around the eyes for those that don’t do well with eye creams.

Lexli makes home care simple and effective ... cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect. Four easy steps to make your skin healthy. Good quality products, high quality ingredients. So help your esthetician give you the best results from your professional treatments by taking care of your skin like you take care of your teeth – every day, twice a day. 

Chloé Amstutz is a licensed esthetician in California and Tennessee and the owner of Chloé Aesthetics, a unisex skin care and wax studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Chloé was previously an esthetics educator at the Aveda Institute in Nashville and a Regional Educator for a franchisee with multiple locations of European Wax Center in California. Prior to teaching and training roles, she specialized in full body speed waxing with hard wax. Additionally, Chloé is certified in dermaplaning, lash extensions and microneedling. She recently chose to step back into the room with her own venture offering primarily waxing and dermaplaning services. Educating will always be a part of Chloé's career as an esthetician but she is excited to be working with guests again, making an impact, one on one.