Chloé Amstutz: Skin Care Resolutions to Achieve Your Best Skin

New Year, New You. 

How many times have you set this unrealistic expectation for yourself? How many times have you planned to make major changes in your daily routine to get skinnier, healthier, richer, and happier only to fail after a few short weeks of commitment? Why do we set ourselves up for this kind of disappointment? Why do we only associate good outcomes with big change? Affecting big change in your life isn’t difficult … maintaining that change is the real challenge. Few people understand that achieving a goal is generally the result of making many small cumulative changes. So let’s talk about a simple, small change you can make in the New Year to feel even better about the person in the mirror.

The simplest change you can make for yourself in the new year is to TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN. I promise, you did not just “wake up one morning” with wrinkles, dark spots and rough dry skin. All of these things happened over time because of actions you did or did not take that affect your skin. You can make improvements with small changes that over time will help you reveal your best skin. Small changes done consistently will equal big results … yes, it’s possible.

People will often ask me what product to use or treatment they should get to reverse or remove this or that problem, but when I ask them about their home care routine, the response is usually disappointing. Typically, they report using a combination of the following: a bar of soap, their kid’s acne wash, coconut oil, an over-the-counter cleanser/moisturizer their dermatologist recommended, or products from an MLM brand their neighbor sold them. Unfortunately, the quality of the ingredients in these products have little value to the skin and can’t deliver the protection or results most people need. Pinterest, Walgreens, your neighbor, or your neighbor's neighbor don't know enough (or anything) about YOUR skin. Even your dermatologist could be giving you a quick temporary fix from the company his office uses for skincare products. So exactly where does that leave you as a consumer? Easy . . . go back to basics.

My recommendation, specifically? Be consistent. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect (SPF) and exfoliate. If you aren’t doing these things on a daily basis, the hope of more invasive treatments making drastic improvements will be short-lived. As I mentioned in my previous post ( How Skin Care and Professional Treatments Go Hand-in-Hand), your home care practice and visits to an esthetician are not unlike you brushing your teeth twice daily and visiting the dentist every six months.

In my practice I recommend Lexli products. Why? Because they make your at-home skincare regimen simple, affordable and most importantly effective. All of the company’s products are uniquely based in pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera, fortifying the health of your skin and helping to deliver powerful ingredients deeper where they can work more effectively. (Read more about why aloe vera is good for skin.) But for me, the star of the show is AloeGlyC®. This is a transformational formulation that does the work of an exfoliant and a serum all in one! This is the product that will deliver big results with the simple, small change of using it consistently! Do yourself a favor, start a skincare routine with products that are formulated to improve the overall condition of your skin and you’ll soon see and feel BIG change with just a little effort.

So, lets start with a more realistic statement: New Year, Better Skin. That, we can all do.

Chloe Amstutz, Esthetician

Chloé Amstutz is a licensed esthetician in California and Tennessee and the owner of Chloé Aesthetics, a unisex skincare and wax studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Chloé was previously an esthetics educator at the Aveda Institute in Nashville and a Regional Educator for a franchisee with multiple locations of European Wax Center in California. Prior to teaching and training roles, she specialized in full body speed waxing with hard wax. Additionally, Chloé is certified in dermaplaning, lash extensions and microneedling. She recently chose to step back into the room with her own venture offering primarily waxing and dermaplaning services. Educating will always be a part of Chloé's career as an esthetician but she is excited to be working with guests again, making an impact, one on one.