Customer Testimonial: How Eric Won a 10-Year Battle with Acne

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Eric’s path to clear, healthier skin began in a bookstore.

As someone with stubborn, acne-prone skin, he struggled with breakouts on-and-off for more than 10 years. As Eric explains it, “My acne is genetic to some degree but I believe the problem was worsened by my lack of knowledge about skin care.”

That’s why, that day at the bookstore, one title in particular jumped out at him - “ Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin: A Back-to-Basics Approach,” the book written by Lexli founder Dr. Ahmed Abdullah. In the days that followed, Eric read the entire thing and, as he says, it helped immensely. “I learned a lot about the science behind skin care and how to approach it in a practical way.” The book also led Eric to research Dr. Abdullah and to discover the Lexli line of products.

“I had tried several antibiotics and prescribed creams, and was even prescribed Accutane twice. In all cases, my acne always returned,” says Eric. “In learning about Lexli’s acne products, I realized I needed to address the root causes of my acne, not just the symptoms.” After ordering products, including the Lexli Acne Kit, he committed to sticking with his new routine, even if results weren’t immediately evident.

However, as Eric learned, being patient with your skin is easier said than done.

“Initial success didn’t come fast for me. At one point after I had been using Lexli products, I became frustrated and went back to Accutane, which, again, helped clear my skin but didn’t keep it clear.” Eric then began reading testimonials from other Lexli customers who have used the Acne Kit. “I noticed that many customers talked about results taking time, which made me realize that I might have given up too soon and needed to be consistent in my use of the products.”

I realize now that everyone’s skin is different and the process is personal.

With a renewed dedication to using the products, Eric found, to his amazement, that his skin was finally beginning to clear. “For me, it took two to three months before my acne started to really go away, which is longer than most customers say it took for them. I realize now that everyone’s skin is different and the process is personal.”

Eric says that he’s seen a huge difference in the overall quality of his skin since he began using Lexli products. “My skin now has an amazing sheen and look and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my skin. It’s been a really great experience for me.”

Eric's troubled skin before Lexli Eric after Lexli helped him overcome acne

Eric’s Favorite Products

Eric says that all of the products in the Lexli Acne Kit have worked great for him in combination. “The moisturizers kept my skin hydrated and AloeGlyC® glycolic acid exfoliator really helped with blemishes while giving my skin a really great sheen.” He also believes that Lexli’s base of aloe vera has made a difference in his skin. “I appreciate that the first ingredient in every Lexli product is pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera and that each product contains very pure, basic, yet effective ingredients when compared to other skin care products.”

His favorite products, however, are Acne Clarifying Lotion, Acne Cleanser and Tone & Balance hydrating toner.

“Using Acne Cleanser and Clarifying Lotion consistently in tandem worked to clear my skin. I wash my face with Acne Cleanser daily and even use it in lieu of shaving cream. If I have a breakout, Clarifying Lotion works amazingly as a spot treatment. If my skin gets a little dry, I apply Tone & Balance Spray throughout the day to keep it hydrated.”

Eric’s Advice

Given Eric’s personal lesson of patience equating results, his number one piece of skin care advice for others struggling with acne isn’t surprising.

“Do not throw in the towel too soon. There were so many times that I wanted to give up and go straight back to Accutane but I’m so glad that I didn’t. The prescription products I used didn’t address the root causes of my acne. Lexli helped me to overcome those and today my skin looks 10 times better than it used to. I no longer experience severe breakouts like I did in the past. I still get the occasional zit here and there but I know how to deal with it now.”

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Update: One Year Later

Over a year after first talking to Eric about his experience with the Lexli Acne Kit, we touched base with him to hear how it’s going. The result? “My skin is overall better than it was even the last time we spoke!” Eric credits chemical exfoliation and his dedication to consistently implementing his Lexli skin care routine with this success.

The Lexli Acne Guide

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