Customer Testimonial: Leah's Acne Success Story

Anyone who has struggled with acne can relate to the ups and downs that accompany the process of trying to achieve clear skin. In fact, the one thing that nearly every acne success story we share on this blog has in common is the use of aggressive treatments to try to quickly heal breakouts, only to leave skin irritated, unhealthy and often worse than it was before.

Leah knows this cycle all too well. For many years she tried a range of products and therapies with little improvement and many side effects. It wasn’t until she took a new approach – one that involved patience, perseverance and gentler products – that her skin health improved.

Read on for Leah’s acne success story in her own words:

"I have had stubborn acne since I was about twelve years old. For years, I tried products to eliminate it. Creams, pills, laser treatments; nothing worked long-term. Nothing was fully effective.

My skin was constantly irritated from the harshness of the products I used. It was always dry and flaky, which was embarrassing. I covered it with thick layers of makeup, which only increased my sudden acne breakouts (and my frustration).

I was in a horrible cycle: break out, glob on medicine, cake on makeup. I never went outside of my house without makeup on. I almost always wore makeup, even when I didn’t plan on going anywhere, because, frankly, I didn’t feel pretty.

Then, my sister-in-law introduced me to Lexli. I started using the  acne products, and instantly loved them. The first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t harsh. My skin felt nourished, which was a first in acne products for me.

Leah prior to using Lexli skin care products

Leah, eight months after she began using Lexli skin care products

It wasn’t an instant transformation – it took a few weeks for the effects to really begin, and to be completely honest, I still have some breakouts here and there. But my skin is continuing to improve. It looks and feels much healthier now.

The breakouts I do get are less severe and heal much more quickly than before. The damage done from the past years of failed acne products and bad skin care habits is starting to fade. I am confident enough to not wear makeup – even when leaving the house! It’s a wonderful feeling.

And here’s what I’ve come to realize: the solution to my acne problem wasn’t a “quick fix." Instead, it was a lifestyle change. I needed to find a skin care routine I could use every day, for years to come, that would soothe and heal my face, and that would continue to nourish, treat, and protect my skin. I’ve found that with Lexli. As an aside, I should note that the  Lexli blog has been very helpful in my journey. It is packed full of tips and information that have encouraged me be more mindful of taking care of my face. I would urge everyone to read it and soak up all the (free!) information."

Leah's Skin Care Routine

  • Morning:

  1. Wash face with Acne Cleanser, rinse and pat dry.
  2. Apply a small amount of Acne Clarifying Lotion all over and wait a few moments for the product to be absorbed.
  3. Apply Simply Hydration lightweight moisturizer. Note: Leah used Acne Moisturizer until her acne was under control. At that point she switched to Simply Hydration because it has helped her retain more moisture in her skin.
  4. Before applying makeup, Leah uses a small amount of Revital-Eyes firming eye cream around her eye area.
  • Evening:

  1. Wash face with Acne Cleanser, rinse and pat dry.
  2. Apply AloeGlyC glycolic acid exfoliator and wait a few minutes for the product to be absorbed.
  3. Apply Clarifying Lotion to blemishes, if necessary.
  4. Apply Night Moisturizer, which, according to Leah, has been extremely helpful to her skin through the fall and winter.
  • Treatment:

  • Approximately once per week, Leah uses Lightening Lift aloe vera mask in place of AloeGlyC to help regulate sebum, improve skin texture and provide skin with an antioxidant boost. 

The Lexli Acne Guide

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