Customer Testimonial: Julia Transforms Her Skin

Recently, twenty-five-year old Julia Perkins reached out to us to share her skin transformation story. The skin issues she struggled with are familiar to many of us. For that reason, we were excited to learn more about Julia’s experience and how she finally conquered her skin concerns to get the gorgeous complexion she wears today.

For years, Julia struggled with various skin challenges, including cystic acne, texture and dehydration issues on her cheeks, as well as mild rosacea and blackheads across her t-zone. As expected, she tried many products to help address the myriad of skin issues she was experiencing but nothing helped to relieve the skin inflammation or provided her with the hydration that her skin was craving. Julia learned about Lexli after a visit with her esthetician, who recommended that she replace her current routine with products properly formulated to treat her specific needs. The results certainly speak for themselves. Read on to learn more about Julia’s skin transformation:

Lexli: You’ve told us that your skin immediately responded positively to use of Lexli products. Can you explain that experience?

Julia: It has been wonderful. After using the products for a few days I felt like I have a routine that finally works for me. I suddenly found myself being very diligent about implementing a proper skincare routine – morning and night. As I began to see results, I was even more encouraged to stick with it. Today, I implement my Lexli skincare routine religiously. The improvements in my skin helped to boost my confidence and inspired me to make lots of positive changes for myself. I love the feeling of finally treating my body right. Lexli has been a wonderful supplement to this personal growth and has made me feel so good about myself!

Lexli: Which products have had the biggest impact on your skin?

Julia: I don't even know how to pick one. The product that has had the biggest impact on my skin is probably AloeGlyC®. It is worth every single penny. My skin feels exfoliated without having to scrub. AloeGlyC is so amazing because it got rid of every single blackhead on my nose. My skin looks better than it ever did.

Lexli: What are your favorite Lexli products and why?

Julia: The Cleansing Lotion is so gentle and actually takes my makeup off too! A little goes a long way, which is surprising. I love a super clean feeling on my face after washing and I thought the only way to get that was with an intense acne cleanser that would strip all the foundation and makeup products off my face. But Lexli Cleansing Lotion is hydrating and my skin doesn't feel tight and dry afterwards. I also love Night Moisturizer because it makes my skin around my eyes feel very supple. I actually put it on my lips too!

Lexli: How do you feel Lexli is different from other skincare lines/products?

Julia: Aloe! The fact that the aloe content is higher than the water content is a game changer. My skin has never felt more hydrated and moisturized.

Lexli: What advice do you have for others who are trying to address similar skin concerns?

Julia: The investment in quality skin-care products is worth it. As a former drug store shopper, I really can't say that any of the skincare products I bought there ever worked. Ever. They were harsh and didn’t address the true problems I was experiencing. If anything, they caused more issues. Snagging a pretty pink grapefruit bottle off the shelf is not an educated decision and most likely does not address the real problems you have with your skin. I feel like Lexli has a solution and the science to support it, which gives confidence that you're using the right products for your skin.

Julia before and after Lexli

Photo on the left shows Julia’s skin before beginning with a Lexli skincare routine. Photo on the right shows her skin just 4 weeks later after consistent use.

Julia’s Skincare Routine

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