Customer Testimonial: Marie Won the Hyperpigmentation Battle

Marie Morisset is a self-professed skincare fanatic who, after years of testing countless skincare products from a wide range of companies, has a solid idea of what works and what doesn't for her skin. Marie showcases her product finds on her Instagram page, which is dedicated to the topic of skincare. Here, her followers can see the various products she uses morning and night, while getting Marie's take on each formulation.

But despite her in-depth skincare knowledge, Marie recently encountered a challenge that she struggled to solve. After a stubborn forehead blemish healed, a prominent area of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation was left in its wake. For weeks, Marie tried addressing it with masks, peels and vitamin C serums with little result; the spot refused to fade. It was at that point that Marie coincidentally entered a giveaway on the Lexli Instagram page and was randomly selected as the winner of a jar of AloeGlyC® glycolic acid exfoliator. Marie decided to put AloeGlyC literally to the test by documenting the product's impact on her hyperpigmentation.  

Marie kicked off her AloeGlyC test in early April with an Instagram post that announced the product had passed her patch test. The following week, Marie posted a photo of her skin with the following update: "Today makes one week that I have been using AloeGlyC. I have applied a nickel-sized amount to my forehead every night for the past seven days. I'm seeing a good improvement from this product." Every week that followed, Marie religiously posted a photo update of her skin and the results spoke for themselves. Within a month, the hyperpigmentation had lightened significantly.

The team at Lexli was following Marie's progress and connected with her personally soon after she began use of AloeGlyC. After learning more about her skin, the team recommended a few additional products, including Lightening Lift aloe vera face mask, A-Firm-Ative Anti-Aging Peptide Serum, Revital-Eyes firming eye cream and Tone & Balance face toner. Soon after, Marie shared her take on Instagram with this post: "The products from Lexli skincare have done wonders for me!"

Marie's skin before LexliMarie's skin after Lexli

Photo on left shows Marie's skin when she began use of AloeGlyC. Photo on right was taken three months later.

Marie's Favorite Lexli Products

AloeGlyC is Marie's top Lexli product. "It really helped my blemish fade." She's also a big fan of Lightening Lift. "It delivers on its promise of evening out skin tone."

Marie’s tip for others who have hyperpigmentation:
"Most importantly, find a product that is formulated to work, like Lexli AloeGlyC. Beyond that, it's important to have patience. Hyperpigmentation can be stubborn and it won't go away overnight."