Customer Testimonial: Sarah Took Control of Psoriasis

We've received a number of testimonials recently from customers who have seen an improvement in psoriasis symptoms through use of Lexli products. Today we're excited to bring you yet another. 

Sarah Carney’s story is one that is familiar to so many of us: throughout her teens, 20s and 30s, her skin was blemish-free and easy to manage. (Read " Cover Your Basics: Skin Care Regimens for Any Decade" to learn more about proper skin care at any age). In fact, during those years her skin was so resilient that she never felt the need to implement a structured skin care routine. Rather, she would simply wash her face using drugstore facial cleansers and call it a day.

With the transition to her 40s, however, Sarah noticed sudden changes; cystic acne began appearing on her jawline, the skin around her eyes became dry and, most difficult of all, she developed psoriasis on her scalp and a patch on her face. These dramatic skin changes led Sarah on a quest to find skin care products that could address her concerns while improving the overall condition of her skin; a journey that led her to Lexli.

Today, Sarah's skin is clear, hydrated and luminous. And that psoriasis patch, which had taken over her brow area with reddened, flaky skin, is a thing of the past.

We sat down with Sarah to talk with her about the steps she took to improve her skin, her favorite Lexli products and her advice for others struggling to deal with the skin changes that come with your 40s.

Lexli: We hear from more and more individuals lately who are struggling with psoriasis. Tell us about your experience with this condition.

Sarah: For me, psoriasis came on suddenly. I developed a patch on my scalp and, upon seeing the dermatologist, was prescribed a topical steroid that didn't give me great results. Within a few months, I developed a patch on my brow that was difficult to conceal. The dermatologist advised me to begin taking methotroxate, a medication that has the potential for serious side effects. As someone who prefers natural remedies whenever possible, taking a strong prescription just didn't feel like the right decision. Instead, I stopped using the steroid, refused methotroxate and began looking for natural alternatives.

. . . taking a strong prescription just didn't feel like the right decision. . . the Lexli products I used ended up taking care of my jawline acne and eye-area dryness as well as the psoriasis patch on my face.

At the same time, I was looking for skin care products to address some of my other skin concerns. A friend told me about Lexli and I decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, the Lexli products I used ended up taking care of my jawline acne and eye-area dryness as well as the psoriasis patch on my face.

Lexli: What Lexli products were most effective for you in addressing your psoriasis symptoms?

Sarah: Initially, AloeGlyC® was the product that had the most impact. I used it as a spot treatment each day on my psoriasis patch to reduce scaliness. I didn't see results immediately; it took several months to get to the point where the texture was improved and just the redness remained. I then began using A-Firm-Ative Peptide Serum. After nearly two months of consistently using that product, the patch is now completely gone. 

Today I maintain results by applying A-Firm-Ative all over my face each morning and using AloeGlyC as a spot treatment each night.

Lexli: What are your favorite Lexli products?

Sarah: Given the results I had with AloeGlyC and A-Firm-Ative, those products rank pretty high. However, I think my overall favorite is Cleansing Lotion. This product is so nourishing and I feel like you just can't overuse it. Revital-Eyes is another favorite. The skin around my eyes just drinks it up and it's given me great results.

Lexli: What advice do you have for others who are struggling with psoriasis or experiencing adult-onset acne?

Sarah: I have three tips for others who are experiencing skin issues like I did: 1) Have hope. It's not like you suddenly turned a few years older and good skin is a thing of the past. 2) Implement a skin care routine with well-formulated products that fit the needs of your skin. When I started using Lexli's aloe-based products, my skin responded positively. 3) Be patient. I didn't see results right away and I think it's natural to want to give up after weeks of trying something new without seeing a difference. It took me six months to fully get rid of my psoriasis patch.

Sarah's Skin Care Routine

  • Morning

  • Step 1: Cleanse

    Sarah moistens her skin and applies Lexli  Cleansing Lotion. She rinses and pats her skin dry.

  • Step 2: Eye Treatment

    She applies Revital-Eyes Firming Eye Cream to the delicate skin surrounding her eyes to combat dryness and fine lines while minimizing puffiness.

  • Step 3: Serum

    Sarah applies A-Firm-Ative Anti-Aging  Peptide Serum all over her face to minimize inflammation and redness while encouraging skin remodeling. This step is key to keeping her psoriasis symptoms at bay.

  • Step 3: Moisturize

    Sarah uses  Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 in the morning to prevent dryness while protecting her skin from UV damage.

  • Evening

  • Step 1: Cleanse

    Sarah again cleanses her skin with Lexli Cleansing Lotion.

  • Step 2: Exfoliate (spot treatment)

    In the evening, she uses AloeGlyC®  Glycolic Acid Face Exfoliator as a spot treatment on areas prone to breakouts and psoriasis symptoms. She waits a few minutes before applying moisturizer.

  • Step 3: Moisturize

    Sarah applies  Night Moisturizer all over her face to keep her skin hydrated while she sleeps.

  • For more information refer to "A Lexli Guide to Psoriasis Skin Care."