Customer Testimonial: Teresa Overcomes Dry Sensitive Skin

Teresa has long struggled with skin that is sensitive and prone to dryness – so much so that she has stuck to very basic skin care products that contain only a few simple ingredients. The dryness became so extreme that she immediately needed to heavily hydrate her face after showering and always carried moisturizer in her purse to reapply every few hours throughout the day so her face would not become flaky and uncomfortable. At bedtime, she would apply a petroleum-based product to soothe her skin throughout the night. This routine sustained her skin for many years but as she got older, Teresa became concerned with the typical issues that accompany aging skin, including fine lines and skin texture.

Teresa feared that experimenting with skin care products that contain active ingredients to help with her age-related concerns would also lead to more of what always happened to her skin when she veered too far away from products containing simple ingredients - itching, burning and redness. So, she continued with what was essentially a “Band Aid” fix to her skin challenges—frequent reapplication of lotion and using thick ointments. And while that helped alleviate some of the dryness in the short term, it did not change the health of her skin for the long-term.

That all changed when Teresa was driving through a store parking lot and noticed a woman who had very nice skin. As she stared at the woman, she realized that it was a longtime friend who she hadn’t seen in a while. “She was absolutely GLOWING and didn’t even have an ounce of makeup on. She looked amazing! I stopped to say hi and asked her what skin products she was using. That’s how I learned about Lexli.”

Teresa researched the Lexli line and, due to the products’ aloe base, decided to give it a try. Today, six months later, Teresa has an entirely different attitude about skin care. We asked her a few questions about her favorite products, and the advice she would give to others experiencing the same skin concerns.

LEXLI: Thanks for being willing to share your story with us! Tell us what products have had the biggest impact on your skin.

TERESA: All of the products have had an impact on my skin but several of the products left me especially impressed. I used to dread washing my face because no matter what I used, it always felt so dry after the water evaporated. Now, I LOVE washing my face. I don’t feel that I need to put moisturizer on my face immediately after washing with Lexli Cleansing Lotion. I love everything about this product - the smell, the feel and the results. I wish I could bathe in it!

I really like AloeGlyC® glycolic acid exfoliator because it has helped me overcome dry skin and is actually leaving me with more hydrated skin.

Teresa's Eyes Before and After Lexli Revital-Eyes Rejuvenating Cream

I also noticed a definite change in the health of the skin around my eyes after about two weeks of using Revital-Eyes eye cream. The product seemed to not only plump, brighten, and overall tone the area around my eyes but it has diminished the appearance of my wrinkles. I love it!

I found that I like to use a combination of A-Firm-Ative peptide serum and Moisture Intensifier hydrating face serum both of which my skin loves! My skin doesn’t look so tired after using this but rather dewy and fresh.

And Lightening Lift aloe vera face mask - I am amazed by this product. With just one application, I can see and feel a difference in my skin. My skin glows after I use it and I believe my face looks firmer.

At bedtime, I apply Night Moisturizer. It feels great on my skin and gives my skin the extra attention it needs. This has replaced my previous habit of using a petroleum-based product!

On a recent vacation to Florida, I found a greater appreciation for Hand and Body Lotion. In spite of using SPF 50 sunscreen, my skin was affected by the sun. Luckily, I had packed the Hand & Body Lotion - it felt so good to apply to my skin each day after being out in the sun, wind and sand. Great product! I also felt confident putting it on my young children because I trust the Lexli ingredients.

"Lexli is different from other skin care lines because it not only feels so good to apply on my dry and sensitive skin - it’s not abrasive, it doesn’t sting - but you can also be confident that the ingredients are safe and soothing!"

LEXLI: What advice do you have for others who are trying to address similar skin concerns?

TERESA: For me, the key has been the consistent use of high quality aloe-based products. If you have dry and sensitive skin like me and are concerned with aging skin, these products will really put your skin in a happy place. There is no doubt my skin is looking more youthful these days and the change around my eye area is amazing.

Lexli is different from other skin care lines because it not only feels so good to apply on my dry and sensitive skin - it’s not abrasive, it doesn’t sting - but you can also be confident that the ingredients are safe and soothing! This is the first skin care line that I actually trust using since I can see and feel positive results.

Teresa’s Skin Care Routine

  • Morning Routine:

  • Step 1:

    Wash face with Cleansing Lotion

  • Step 2:

    Dab Revital-Eyes cream around eye area

  • Step 3:

    Apply a mixture of A-Firm-Ative and Moisture Intensifier Serum

  • Step 4:

    Generously apply Day Moisturizer

  • Evening Routine:

  • Step 1:

    Wash face with Cleansing Lotion

  • Step 2:

    Apply AloeGlyC and wait 10-15 minutes

  • Step 3:

    Generously apply Lexli Night Moisturizer

  • Weekly:

  • Lightening Lift