Esthetician Talk: Lexli interviews Tiara Willis

Today, Lexli is back continuing its series of interviews. Here, we profile leaders within the field of esthetics to gain their insights on industry trends, top skin care recommendations, and advice for new estheticians. Whether you’re a professional in the field or a skin care enthusiast eager to learn from the best, we’re confident these discussions hold something valuable for everyone excited about skin care.

Meet Tiara Willis.

At only 19 years of age, Tiara is already a tremendously successful skin care expert. Her brand, Makeup for Women of Color, has amassed over 265,000 followers on Twitter and 194,000 followers on Instagram. Tiara is a licensed esthetician based in New York, who is sought after for her makeup tips and skin care advice.

Lexli: How did you get your start in the esthetics industry?

Tiara Willis: I have always had a passion for esthetics. When I graduated high school at 16, I enrolled in beauty school right away. I was the youngest person they’d ever had!

L: What made you decide to create MakeupForWOC?

TW: It was hard to find information and inspiration for my skin tone. I did lots of research, studied hard, and soon became a mentor to my friends on Twitter. I created the page for them to reference and it grew from there!

L: What is the biggest hurdle you have faced in this industry and how did you overcome it?

TW: The biggest hurdle I’ve faced and continue to face is my age. Being 19, a lot of people think I lack the experience to work for them. I overcome this by building my brand and letting my knowledge and results speak for themselves.

L: Given your experience with different types of skin, what would you suggest is the key to beautiful skin? And, on a related note, what is your favorite skin care tip?

TW: I think all skin is beautiful. Having self confidence regardless of what your skin looks like improves your emotional health. You’re less stressed (stress can induce breakouts) and are motivated to carry on your skin care routine out of enjoyment rather than obligation. My favorite skin care tip is cold rolling breakouts in a continuous motion for one minute twice a day. Cold rolling is a great way to reduce inflammation and stimulate blood flow, which helps the skin absorb products more effectively.

L: From your vantage point, what are the most important innovations or trends in the esthetics industry today and why?

TW: Trends in the esthetics industry come and go. I think my current favorite trend is microneedling, which helps to generate new collagen and keep the skin smoother. It’s an effective treatment with minimum to no downtime and it’s friendly for all skin tones.

L: What are your top home care tips to keep skin healthy and looking its best between appointments?

TW: You need to wear sunscreen regularly in between appointments. Facials usually include resurfacing treatments which make you more sensitive to the sun. Going without sunscreen can negate all the work put into your treatments.

L: If someone were limited by budget, what is the one professional treatment you would recommend?

TW: A custom facial is usually the most affordable service. It includes a deep cleanse, massage, mask, extractions, and exfoliation.

L: What is your personal daily skin care routine?

TW: In the morning, I rinse my face with water and apply an enriching moisture intensifier. Then, I spot treat with a mild brightener. Finally, I use a moisturizer and apply sunscreen. In the evenings, I double cleanse with two of my favorite cleansers. Then, I have the same routine as the morning minus the sunscreen. I’ll use a retinol instead.

L: What is something about you that others would find exciting or surprising?

TW: That I’m 19! A lot of people on the internet think I’m older, but in real life I look 15 thanks to my baby face and short height.

To keep up with Tiara, follow her on Twitter: @MakeupForWOC and Instagram: makeupforwomenofcolor.

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