Self-Love Ideas to Practice this February

We're excited to have travel and lifestyle writer, Mandy Murry, back on the Lexli blog with a guest post! We asked Mandy for her tips to getting through the final stretch of winter. Here's what she had to say:

February is the beginning of the desire for winter to end and spring to come. The month a mythical character draws his arrow back and inspires lyrics of love. The beginning of shaking off winter and feeling the warmth of the un-thawing ground and slow return of chirping birds. A time to nurture yourself and ignite passion. For me, February is about rejuvenation from the inside out, feeling comfortable and confident and ready for the first kiss of extended sunlight and my childlike spirit saying yes to new travel experiences at a moment’s notice. The transition from New Year’s resolutions to the ups and downs of the weather can play tricks on my mind and body, sometimes bringing about uneasiness and self-doubt. That's why, during this month of love, I take time to give myself some nourishment so I can shine and be a catalyst of happiness and hope.

Here are my top five tips for looking and feeling like your best self this month:

1. Time On the Yoga Mat 

Yoga is always vital for me this month - not because of New Year’s resolutions for better nutrition or daily workouts, but more importantly, because it provides me an hour that is dedicated just to me. It brings the opportunity to connect to my breath and not the breath of the world. It offers me stillness away from demanding schedules and projects and temporary relief from my smartphone chaos.

2. Skin Rejuvenation

This time of year, I am always ready for change and a different look. I bring awareness away from the desire of returning to sun-kissed skin, back to my daily and weekly skin care routine. During this time of year I switch up my routine by alternating daily use of AloeGlyC®  glycolic acid exfoliator and A-Firm-Ative peptide serum to help brighten my skin from dry/cold winters, as well as adding a weekly Lightening Lift aloe vera face mask. I find that focusing on nourishing my skin helps me feel better and prevents me from asking my stylist to make a drastic change to my hair.

3. Deliver A Teddy Bear To Your Local’s Children’s Hospital 

During the month of Valentine’s Day there is nothing better than spreading joy and love, expecting nothing in return. My secret to this is delivering a teddy bear and cute handwritten note or Valentine to one of our local children’s hospitals (sometimes more than one). It makes my heart smile to see the joy it brings to a child and reminds me that love is unconditional. A good way to spread cupid’s arrow any day, not just on Valentine’s. Visit the  Children's Hospital Association to find a hospital near you.

4. Get Outside

I am always ready for the sun to warm up the earth enough for me to get outside and not feel cold. On days when the weather is slightly warmer, I take a 20 minute walk outdoors to brighten my spirits and lift my mood. This can be done during a lunch break or right after work. Vitamin D is extremely important to our bodies. Make time to be outside, but don’t forget the sunscreen.

5. Write Yourself a Letter 

Acknowledging hard work, dreams, or accomplishments is important. That's why I write myself a letter in February to remind myself of things I have done and the fears and pain I have let go. This tradition is a gentle reminder of my own uniqueness and beauty. Reading past entries in my journal and writing new ones can inspire new hope or ignite new passions.

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Mandy Murry is an accredited international travel, lifestyle, health and wellness writer, with features published in Thrive Global, Bella Grace, 24Karat, NC Living, X Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Yucatán Times, Live and Invest Overseas, TravelAge West and more. Her captivating story-telling adds magic to her words and her passion for writing is as contagious as her passion for life and cloudsurfing (aka flying). Mandy blogs at