From Red to Radiant: How Pam Overcame Perioral Dermatitis

Recently Lexli received the following review:

“I have been using Lexi since it came out and my skin is amazing. After struggling with rosacea, perioral dermatitis, and extremely sensitive skin, this is the only thing that helped with all three problems. I am 57 and people never believe me when I tell them my age. I let EVERYONE know how much I love Lexli!!” - Pam H.

Our team is familiar with Pam because she truly is an original Lexli customer that has stuck with us over many years. However, we were surprised to learn of her skin background. Intrigued by her mention of various skin conditions, we reached out to learn more.

Lexli: We know that Lexli has been your skin care brand for nearly 20 years, however, we didn’t realize you once struggled with an array of skin issues. Could you give us the back story?

Pam: Good skin care has been a part of my life since I was young. My mom sold Avon and taught me early on the importance of sunscreen. But despite those good habits, I’ve been fighting with my skin for as long as I can remember. For most of my life I have had combination skin with a dry forehead and cheeks but oily nose and chin. Most frustrating, however, is that my skin was always really red and sensitive. I just assumed that was my skin’s personality and that I would need to live with it. I did so by covering up my skin with a ton of makeup.

In my thirties I developed a red rash around my mouth area that was very persistent. My skin was constantly inflamed and flakey with bumps that looked like acne breakouts. I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis and spent a considerable amount of time trying to get it under control. Nothing worked. Eventually, I met an esthetician who recommended that I try Lexli products, specifically the Acne Kit. I did and within a few months of starting with Lexli, my skin was clear. I couldn’t believe it!

L: We notice that you no longer use the acne line. How has your skin care routine evolved?

P: I used the Lexli Acne Kit until my skin was clear and normalized. Once I was sure that perioral dermatitis was behind me, I started playing with other Lexli products.

While I love the entire line, my absolute favorite is Day Moisturizer with SPF 30. I decided to try this product because I used AloeGlyC and really liked it and I noticed that Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 contains AloeGlyC Complex. The first time I put it on my skin, it was like “ahhhhhhh.” It was as though my skin was saying “thank you” to me. My skin felt instantly soothed and comfortable. But that wasn’t the only change I experienced from Day Moisturizer with SPF 30. One day after regularly using it, I noticed that my skin wasn’t red anymore. Understand that I used to be “Pam with the red face” so this was a big deal! I’ve never been without this product since.

L: What is your skin - and your skin care routine - like today?

P: People tell me all the time that I have beautiful skin, which means a lot given all the issues I’ve dealt with. At 57, I don’t have wrinkles, my skin is smooth and firm and I no longer deal with the combination of dryness and oiliness. I’m very happy with how it looks and feels and credit Lexli whenever someone compliments my skin.

I don’t have the desire to implement a complex skin care routine. I keep things very simple and just cleanse my skin with Cleansing Lotion and follow-up with Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 in the morning and Night Moisturizer at night. While I used to wear a lot of makeup, today I go makeup free. For me, the secret to beautiful skin has been good genes + good habits (no tanning) + good skin care (Lexli).