Lexli Talks with the Founders of How to Be a Redhead

Lexli is excited to be making its first appearance in a How to Be a Redhead subscription box next month. Featuring 100% redhead-friendly products, the box – and the website that started it all – are the brainchildren of sisters Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti. Natural redheads, the Vendetti sisters use their website and the follow-up book by the same name to “empower redheads to feel confident, look amazing and rock their beauty.”

We sat down with Adrienne and Stephanie to learn more about their success and to talk about skincare topics of particular interest to redheads.

L: We’re so excited to be working with both of you and the How to Be a Redhead Team! The niche you focus on is so unique. Outside of being redheads yourselves, what inspired you to create HowtoBeaRedhead.com and the subsequent book and subscription box?

A & S: Since there was no place for us to turn to for redhead beauty and confidence advice, we launched the website in 2011 for redheads throughout the world to celebrate their beauty. As young girls, we both had trouble finding “redhead-friendly” products because most items irritated our skin or caused breakouts. Stephanie actually dyed her hair platinum blonde for 7+ years (oh my gosh!) because she wanted to hide her red hair. We strived to create a global platform and community for redheads to be empowered and have the confidence to rock their gorgeous red hair.

We strived to create a global platform and community for redheads to be empowered and have the confidence to rock their gorgeous red hair.

L: It’s clear you’ve become beauty role models for countless redheads. We’re curious, who have been your biggest beauty inspirations?

A & S: Our natural redhead grandmother, Rosemary, has easily been our biggest beauty inspiration, along with our mom, Jan, a blonde! In fact, we dedicated the “How to Be a Redhead” Beauty Book to our grandmother because, at an early age, she taught us how to apply mascara on our fair lashes. It was a moment that made a big impact on us. We’ve always considered our mom to be a beauty guru and, beyond that, she’s taught us so much that has shaped us into confident women.

L: We know that being a natural redhead and having fair skin comes with its own set of skin concerns. What skin concerns do you most often hear redheads talking about?

A & S: Sensitivity, redness and rosacea are the big three!

L: So on the topic of skincare, what is the skincare product or treatment the two of you can’t live without?

A & S: Great question! There are so many products we adore for our fair skin but we couldn’t live without serums, oils and sunscreen. The serums and oils hydrate and make our skin glow while sunscreen protects it year-round.

L: Before we go, what is your #1 piece of beauty advice for redheads?

A & S: Own your red locks! Redheads are rare, unique and unforgettable. Always be yourself and Rock it Like a Redhead!

Did you know?

Lexli products are ideal for the unique concerns of natural redheads with fair, sensitive skin. Lexli’s potent base of organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera helps to calm redness and inflammation in the skin, while active ingredients, like those in Lexli serums, help to improve hydration and reinforce skin strength and elasticity by boosting the production of collagen.

If rosacea is a concern for you, read Signs & Symptoms of Rosacea to get skincare tips.

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