How to Minimize Pores

When you think about beautiful and healthy skin, a clear, smooth complexion comes to mind. And for most of us, that definition does not include looking in the mirror and seeing noticeable pores. We wonder if it’s possible to do something to make our pores less visible. But while pore size is determined mainly by genetics, skin type, and age - all things out of our control, there are additional secondary factors that can contribute to their size. Understanding these factors and establishing a proper skin care routine can go a long way in helping to dramatically reduce the appearance of over-sized pores.

Pores are the tiny openings or hair follicles that you see on the surface of your skin. Each pore contains a sebaceous gland that produces an oil important to the skin for lubrication and waterproofing. Pores tend to be more noticeable on the forehead and nose area where the glands are larger. And it is likely that your pores will be even more visible if you have a darker complexion or oily skin compared to those that have fairer skin and are drier. We have compiled a list below of the factors that you can control to help minimize the appearance of your pores.

Tips for Reducing Pore Size

  • Wash face before bed
    Washing with a gentle cleansing lotion before bed will prevent dirt and make up that has accumulated during the day from clogging your pores. This will stop your pores from having to expand to hold the excess build up and oil.
  • Exfoliating regularly is crucial
    Daily exfoliation with a  glycolic acid exfoliator like AloeGlyC®, formulated with a base of organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera, will remove the dead cells from the skin’s surface that enlarge the pores. Stay away from scrubs with microbeads, as the excess scrubbing can do more harm than good when it comes to minimizing pore size.
  • Use only noncomedogenic (it won’t clog pores) moisturizers and make up
    There are many products out there that can irritate and clog pores, making them look bigger. If you are having issues with large pores, search out noncomedogenic products.
  • Wear sunscreen daily
    Daily use of sun screen is paramount. Choosing a day moisturizer that provides coverage of at least SPF 15 is important. Overexposure to the sun can break down collagen, which is the structural support for the skin. Without the structural support, the skin expands and can make the pores appear larger. In the same way, the breakdown of collagen that occurs naturally with aging also can increase the size of pores.
  • Cleanse before and after working out
    To prevent sweat from carrying make up and debris to the pore openings where it will settle and stretch the skin, cleanse with a gentle cleansing lotion before AND after a workout.
  • Pop a pimple correctly
    Pimples can stretch out pores. But popping a pimple improperly can cause damage to the skin and may permanently enlarge the pore. (Learn more about the  proper technique to pop a pimple.)
  • Eat healthy
    Choose a diet that is filled with nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. Foods that are high in fat and unhealthy oils can inflame your skin and lead to clogged pores. (Learn more about  dietary choices that encourage healthy skin.)
  • Book a professional treatment
    There are several professional treatments like peels, lasers, or light treatments that can be effective in severe cases where pores are so clogged that nothing has helped. Contact your skin care professional to determine if one of these treatments may be right for you.