How Jenn Found Her Best Acne Treatment

The Lexli team met Jenn Burklow several months ago after she did an Instagram story about her experience with the  Lexli Acne Kit. In it, she talked about the incredible improvement her skin had undergone since she began using the Kit. We reached out to Jenn to ask her to share more about her story with us, so we could bring it to you. After all, her struggle with acne began shortly after the birth of her daughter; a story that is familiar to many of us.

LEXLI: Jenn, please tell us about your acne experience.

JENN: I battled extremely painful cystic acne after I stopped nursing my youngest daughter and, in the years that followed, I never had consecutive clear skin days. Even when my skin was at its best, I only had a day or two without a breakout.

My daughters love to grab my face and give me kisses, as I so often do to them. But I couldn’t open my mouth to eat food without my face cracking and bleeding, let alone let my babies touch my face. The products I had been using to treat my acne were leaving actual burns on my face. It was awful and I felt so self-conscious, even inside my home.

I also carried so much guilt about my acne, like the hormonal acne was somehow my fault. I started extreme diet changes trying to cure it from the inside out – drinking gallons of water, eating a carton of blueberries a day, eliminating all sugar and then dairy. If I read that any part of my diet could be causing this painful issue, I changed it.

LEXLI: How did you discover the Lexli Acne Kit and how did it impact your skin?

JENN: The Lexli Acne Kit was recommended to me by a friend who had also battled acne and had good results using it. One of the things that drew me to Lexli was the fact that the company’s products have a high concentration of pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera, not a bunch of nasty chemicals.

The products in the Kit immediately worked better than anything else I had ever tried! Clear skin didn’t come overnight but by sticking with it, I have finally overcome acne. My skin has never looked so good in my entire life! It feels so silly to say that skincare products have impacted my life as a mother, but they truly have. Pulling away from my daughters when they would touch my face was incredibly difficult to explain to them. I love that they can now do it without me cringing. This experience has also given me amazing tools that I can use to help my kids as they get older.

It feels so silly to say that skincare products have impacted my life as a mother, but they truly have.


LEXLI: What advice do you have for others who are trying to address similar skin concerns?

JENN: Don’t believe the mainstream hype!! So often marketing leads us to believe that a product will fix our skin issues but their harshness only gives us new battles to face, such as excess oil or dry, peeling skin. In the end, these products cause acne to come back worse than when it started. I truly feel that Lexli offers holistic skincare at its finest and I cannot say enough how much I love it! It's been the best acne treatment for my skin.

Jenn Burklow can be found on Instagram at  @thejennburk. Follow her for fashion advice and snippets from her daily life.

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