Customer Testimonial: Margaret's Journey to Healthy Skin

As a forty-something working mother of two teenage boys, Margaret may have very little time for herself but she has always taken the time to make skin care a priority. That’s because, like many, Margaret has encountered an array of skin issues her entire life, trading severe cystic acne as a teenager for the onset of psoriasis as an adult. Her quest for balanced skin has been never-ending and has driven her to become a skin care connoisseur, of sorts.

Margaret’s skin today is oily with uneven tone and occasional breakouts. What’s more, the recent emergence of crow’s feet has been a source of frustration for her. But when Margaret noticed that the psoriasis that had plagued her scalp for years was now spreading to her face, she knew it was time to search for well-formulated skin care products that would work double duty. She needed to find products that would not only balance her oily skin, but also help to soothe and diminish the appearance of the psoriasis patches now forming on her face.

About that time, Margaret was introduced to Lexli by a friend. Having been loyal to her current brand for a number of years, she wanted to do some research before jumping into a new oily skin care routine. Encouraged by what she learned, she decided to give Lexli a try. Within a few days of using the line, Margaret noticed an improvement in her psoriasis patches. Two weeks after beginning her Lexli skin care routine, any visible sign of Margaret’s psoriasis completely vanished. Today, nine months later, the patches still haven’t returned. But that was not the only noticeable change to her skin. We caught up with Margaret to ask her a few questions about her skin health and her thoughts on the Lexli skin care line.

LEXLI: How has your skin changed overall since using Lexli products?

MARGARET: There have been a lot of changes. I have always had oily skin, with redness and consistent breakouts. My face was not smooth. I had uneven skin tone and visible scarring from previous acne as a teen. But now, my face is noticeably smoother, more glowing with less wrinkles, my skin tone has evened out, I have fewer blemishes, and my acne scars are less noticeable. There are many days that I don’t wear foundation because I feel confident with how my skin looks—I would have NEVER done that before Lexli.

“There are many days that I don’t wear foundation because I feel confident with how my skin looks—I would have NEVER done that before Lexli.”

LEXLI: What is the biggest improvement in your skin since beginning the Lexli skin care routine?

MARGARET: The most dramatic changes in my skin would be that the psoriasis on my face has completely disappeared and the fine lines and wrinkles around my eye area are virtually gone. The difference is amazing. Almost unbelievable. The area around my eyes looks more soft and supple and wrinkle-free. 

Before and after 6 weeks of using Lexli Revital-Eyes Cream

LEXLI: You were loyal to your previous brand for years, what made you decide to try Lexli.

MARGARET: I did my research on the brand before I ever tried it. I know Lexli has good products with good ingredients and I like the science behind it; it makes sense to me. The unique aloe base in the Lexli products is so healing – very different from what I know about other products that I have used. I also have never felt that the acne products are harsh on my skin. I have used different brands in the past that have been harsh. 

LEXLI: What are your favorite Lexli products?

MARGARET: They’re all good! If I have to choose, there are several. For starters, it’s got to be the Acne Cleanser

Margaret with her favorite Lexli products

along with the Daily Moisturizer for Oily Skin which I use at night—they are both so lightweight and go on so well. I like the smell of them too. Tone & Balance face toner is another favorite. It’s so easy – I just spray it on and go and my skin feels so soft after using. I have also found it to be useful to spray on my kids after a day with too much sun. And how can I not say Revital-Eyes firming eye cream when I’ve personally experienced such incredible results? I am now trying it on the insides of my eyes and around my mouth where I am beginning to see fine lines!

LEXLI: Tell us about your daily skin care routine.

MARGARET: Like most people, I don’t have a lot of time so I appreciate an effective skin care routine where there are only a few steps. Lexli takes very little time.

Margaret’s Skin Care Routine

  • Morning

  • Step 1: Cleanse

    Margaret applies Lexli Acne Cleanser to her dry face. She leaves it on for about a minute and then rinses off with warm water and a soft cloth.

  • Step 2: Tone

    Margaret mists her face with Tone & Balance facial toner for extra hydration

  • Step 3: Anti-Aging

    She follows up with Revital-Eyes firming eye cream for the anti-aging benefits.

  • Step 3: Moisturize

    Margaret applies Acne Moisturizer with SPF 15 each day.

  • Evening

  • Step 1: Cleanse

    Margaret applies Lexli Acne Cleanser just like she does in the morning.

  • Step 2: Tone

    She mists her face with Tone & Balance facial toner.

  • Step 3: Exfoliation

    Margaret applies AloeGlyC® glycolic acid exfoliator to her face and waits 15 minutes before finishing with moisturizer. “I believe this has been the game-changing product for my psoriasis."

  • Step 4: Moisturize

    She applies Daily Moisturizer for Oily Skin to her face.