How Soprano Kathryn Lewek Achieved Her Best Skin

While most of us can relate to the feeling of anxiety that comes with having skin issues on a big day, few of us can understand it quite to the same degree as Kathryn Lewek. The reason? She’s an opera star.

Referred to as “one of opera’s strongest coloratura sopranos,” Kathryn has garnered international critical acclaim for her performances with the Metropolitan Opera, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Opera Leipzig, the Washington National Opera and countless other esteemed opera houses throughout the world. Her signature role as Queen of the Night in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” has solidified her position as one of opera’s brightest rising stars.

Yet, despite having a glowing professional life, the same couldn’t be said for Kathryn’s skin. “I’ve spent years and years being ashamed of my skin as I participated in countless interviews and photoshoots, public gatherings, premieres and debuts,” she said. As an acne sufferer since age 17, the frequent use of stage makeup, sweating on stage in heavy costumes under hot lights, having extremely sensitive yet oily skin, and the stress of balancing a hectic schedule made for a dramatic combination that would often leave her experiencing painful cystic acne that caused redness and swollen spots on her skin for a week or more.

"I've spent years and years being ashamed of my skin as I participated in countless interviews and photoshoots, public gatherings, premiers and debuts"

The turning point for Kathryn came in 2016 when she had a facial at a salon in Chicago while there for a performance. “I explained to the esthetician that I wanted to improve my skin in time for my wedding in July of 2017,” she recalls. “In response, she told me ‘I’m not supposed to recommend products we don’t sell here at the salon, but I’ve had amazing results with this.’ The paper she handed me had the word ‘Lexli’ written on it.” Kathryn immediately began using the Lexli Acne Kit.

Kathryn notes that her skin underwent an adjustment period when she began using AloeGlyC® and Lexli Clarifying Lotion – two products in the Acne Kit – but after reading product reviews, she recognized these as normal side effects and stuck with it. Today, her skin is clearer and softer than ever before.

Kathryn Lewek's skin before and after using Lexli

“Sometimes I think I’ll never get another spot on my face again because my skin is doing so well. Other times I wake up and have three blemishes on my jawline. But, it’s so different from what I have experienced in the past. My skin isn’t perfect; it’s still acne-prone. Lexli hasn’t changed the personality of my skin, it has just been really great therapy for it.”

In fact, Kathryn’s clearer complexion has boosted her confidence so much that she recently stepped out makeup-free. “I was on my way to have my makeup done for a performance in Salzburg, Austria and two fans stopped me by the stage door for an autograph. One of them pulled out a camera and asked for a photo with me. I hesitated for a moment, knowing I wasn’t wearing anything on my face, but then agreed. Maybe I didn’t look quite like a diva soprano without makeup but at least my skin looked great!”

Kathryn’s Skin Care Routine

  • Evening

  • Step 1: Cleanse

    Kathryn uses a non-Lexli cleanser at night to remove heavy makeup followed by an application of Tone & Balance.

  • Step 2: Exfoliation

    She applies her favorite Lexli product, AloeGlyC® glycolic acid exfoliator, followed by an all-over application of Clarifying Lotion. “SO many people have said I look younger since I started using AloeGlyC,” says Kathryn. “It’s made my skin not only clearer and more open to other products in the Lexli line, but really soft, as well.”

  • Step 3: Acne Treatment

    Kathryn applies a small amount of Clarifying Lotion nightly on her trouble areas and especially when she knows her skin will be stressed.

  • Step 4: Anti-aging

    Application of Revital-Eyes eye cream.

  • Step 5: Moisturize

    Because Kathryn has oily skin, she applies Night Moisturizer just a few times a week.

Additionally, Kathryn increases her use of Lightening Lift masks when she is in the middle of a production or during stressful times to keep her skin looking its best. “I first started using Lightening Lift this spring and fell in love with it! It’s been a lifesaver for my skin.”

Kathryn’s Tip:

Kathryn’s advice for others experiencing persistent acne is simple: “Consistency is key,” she says. “Resist the urge to get frustrated and give up a healthy acne regimen just because you aren’t seeing an immediate improvement or suddenly have a breakout. Stay patient with your skin’s progress.”