Lexli Staff Picks: Favorite Skin Care Products

Now that we’ve launched the Lexli Limited-Edition Holiday Gift Kit for 2017, which features products in the popular At-Home Lexli Facial, our team got to thinking about our favorite skin care products and why we love them so much. With skin care, there are so many products on the market that it can be tough to choose the right ones for your daily routine. And all too often, we end up with a bunch of skin care product buying mistakes sitting on our bathroom counters! If only we would have had an understanding of users’ experiences before making those purchases . . .

In that spirit, several members of the Lexli staff share below their personal Lexli “must-haves,” along with an overview of what makes them their absolute faves. Enjoy – and be sure to share your favorite Lexli products with us in the comments. We also encourage you to leave an honest review of any Lexli products you’ve tried by clicking through to the appropriate product page. (Click to read Lexli product reviews.)

Peg Loves AloeGlyC

  • Name: Peg
  • Age Range: 55-65
  • Favorite Product: AloeGlyC®
  • “If I even miss one day of AloeGlyC®, I can feel the difference in my skin. I really feel it has helped to keep my skin smooth and I see less wrinkles at my "mature" age. I also make sure I apply it to my neck and décolletage, as well as the back of my hands.”

Jen's favorite product is Night Moisturizer

  • Name: Jen
  • Age Range: 30-35
  • Favorite Product: Night Moisturizer
  • “I look forward to putting Night Moisturizer on my skin each night. It's rich, creamy and smells great. My skin drinks it up!”

Melanie puts Tone & Balance in the refrigerator for a refreshing treat!

  • Name: Melanie
  • Age Range: 40-50
  • Favorite Product: Tone & Balance
  • "Tone & Balance is definitely one of my must-haves. I love spraying it on my face after cleansing. It’s so refreshing, hydrating and smells great. I carry the travel size around in my purse for a quick midday spritz or any time that I need to refresh my skin and it doesn’t mess with my make-up. I also use it on my skin after a sunburn for soothing relief. It works great to calm the skin after bug bites, especially to help with the itch of a mosquito bite. I also use after shaving to reduce the effects that I sometimes get with that.”

Wendy lives by our Revital-Eyes cream

  • Name: Wendy
  • Age Range: 45-50
  • Favorite Product: Revital-Eyes Firming Eye Cream
  • “I love Revital-Eyes. It has really helped to soften the fine lines and wrinkles that are beginning to appear around my eyes. I also keep a jar of Revital-Eyes in the refrigerator which works wonders when I wake up in the morning with bags or puffy eyes!”

Stacey's Favorite Lexli Product is Night Moisturizer

  • Name: Stacey
  • Age Range: 40-45
  • Favorite Product: Night Moisturizer
  • “This might be one of our most basic products but, as an admitted moisturizer fanatic, I have to say that there’s really nothing quite as good (and I’ve tried countless brands). I love this product because it is incredibly hydrating and feels luxurious on my skin. I use other products with active ingredients in my nighttime routine so, as far as my moisturizer is concerned, I just want something that seals up all those other products, while leaving my skin comfortable overnight. This product does that perfectly.”

Helen enjoys our Moisturie Intensifier Serum

  • Name: Helen
  • Age Range: 50-60
  • Favorite Product: Moisture Intensifier Serum
  • "My favorite product is definitely the Moisture Intensifier Serum. I use the serum all over my face as it calms my skin and reduces redness. It has also helped in my eye area. I’ve even used it on dry spots all over my body. I love it!”

Dr. A's favorite of his formulations is Hand & Body

  • Name: Dr. Abdullah
  • Age Range: 60-65
  • Favorite Product: Hand & Body Lotion
  • “One of my favorite Lexli products is Hand & Body Lotion. As a surgeon, I am constantly washing my hands which causes dryness, especially in the winter. I apply Hand & Body Lotion constantly to keep my hands feeling comfortable and hydrated, which is critical for me when I am in surgery.”

Jenna Loves the Starter Kit

  • Name: Jenna
  • Age Range: 25-30
  • Favorite Product: Lexli Trial Kit
  • “I can’t pick just one favorite Lexli product so I recommend the Lexli Trial Kits. I love that these small product collections provide a one- to two-week supply of product appropriate for my skin type. They're perfect for traveling! Plus, friends who want to give Lexli a try have really appreciated that they can test out the line for a week or so before committing to a full size."

Sue's favorite is the Cleansing Lotion

  • Name: Sue
  • Age Range: 55-60
  • Favorite Product: Cleansing Lotion
  • "Cleansing Lotion does a great job of cleansing my skin and leaves it feeling so smooth. It’s also great to use in place of a shave cream.”