Maria's Skin Care Overhaul Led to Remarkable Skin Improvement

This week we introduce you to Maria, a Lexli customer who started using the line in March of 2020.Like so many of us, Maria reached her late 20s expecting her skin to outgrow some of the nuisances of her youth (think breakouts) while enjoying a few blissful years before signs of aging began to make their appearance. Unfortunately, her reality was just the opposite. In addition to random bouts of acne, Maria experienced annoying dry skin on her chin, enlarged pores and the intrusion of fine lines on her forehead and around her eyes.It's important to note that Maria wasn't a skin care amateur. In fact, she thought she was doing everything right for her skin. She had long used an upscale department store skin care brand and kept to a regular schedule of facials - neither of which seemed to be having a positive effect. Instead, she hid her skin under layers of makeup, even when going to the gym or the grocery store.

Switching Skin Care Lines

It was at one of those professional facials where Maria reached a tipping point. A new esthetician was performing her facial who asked Maria to describe her skin, including details about her at-home skin care routine. The esthetician said something that spoke to Maria: "Skin care and professional treatments go hand-in-hand. You can't expect to have great skin if your skin care routine isn't solid." As Maria began listing the products she uses regularly, the esthetician referred to the product ingredient lists, pointing out the use of synthetic perfumes and lackluster ingredients. Because Maria's skin was congested and textured, she advised her to use a line with a science-based approach. Rather than recommending one of the product lines carried by the spa, however, she suggested that Maria would see positive results with the Lexli Acne line. As Maria reflects on that moment now, she says, "I trusted her so I took a risk and gave Lexli a try. I would have never seen the results I wanted if I kept using the previous line."

Initial Results

Maria says that when she began using Lexli skin care products, her goal was to decrease breakouts, slow aging, improve dryness and shrink the size of her pores. Initially, she found herself impressed by the fact that Lexli products feature a base of aloe vera instead of the water base that most other skin care products use. Soon, however, she found herself appreciating Lexli for a more personal reason: the impressive skin improvement it was helping her achieve.Within a week of starting use of the Lexli Acne Kit, Maria began seeing results in the form of smaller pores.

"People tell me all the time that my skin glows. Personally, I feel that it is hydrated, healthy and naturally 'dewy' without makeup,"

As her skin began to further improve, and breakouts diminished, she swapped out products from the Lexli Acne line for other Lexli products focused on signs of aging and dryness. Each time she went back for a facial, Maria's esthetician was blown away by the progress she was making. And it wasn't just professionals who noticed. As Maria recounts, "A month after I started using Lexli, my mom looked at my face and said, 'did you do something different? Your skin looks so clear around your nose and cheeks!'"

The longer she used Lexli, the more the positive changes kept coming.Today Maria feels she has found the mix of Lexli products that provide her with exactly the results she was looking for when she first began using the line. "People tell me all the time that my skin glows. Personally, I feel that it is hydrated, healthy and naturally 'dewy' without makeup," she says. "My breakouts are significantly less and, while I do still occasionally get them, they aren't as serious as they were before." Additionally, Maria notes that dryness, including that stubborn patch on her chin, has subsided as her skin has become more balanced. And with the proactive steps she's taken to slow down aging, she can see improvement on her forehead." Lexli exceeded my expectations," adds Maria. "I never thought I could be so satisfied with a skin care line or the progress in my skin. Beyond the quality of the products, I appreciate who Lexli is as a brand. Lexli focuses on education over aggressive marketing tactics and every customer service representative I've interacted with has gone out of their way to help me. I genuinely feel that Lexli cares about the impact they have on people's skin. I love supporting brands like this!"

Favorite Products

Maria before Lexli

Maria says it's hard to select her favorite product in the Lexli line but she does have one that rises to the top of her list: AloeGlyC. "I've never found anything like this product on the market and it has helped me so much," says Maria.

Also high on her list is Lightening Lift, which she uses weekly and before an important meeting or big event to help give her skin an instant lift and added glow.

Advice to Others

We asked Maria what tips she would give to others with similar skin care struggles in light of the lessons she learned on her journey. Her first words of advice? "Remember that you are worth investing in and your skin deserves the best of the best. It's worthwhile to take the time and spend the money to develop a skin care routine that addresses your needs."

Maria points out that she tried many Lexli products over several months to determine which ones worked best for her skin and, for that reason, she recommends starting with small sizes. "I recommended trying Lexli's trial skin care kits before purchasing full sizes of the products. I have several friends who did this and they, too, are now obsessed with the line. Even if you've been using the same line for the majority of your life, it's worth mixing it up!"

Maria's Skin Care Routine


  1. Wash face using Lexli Cleansing Lotion.
  2. After blotting skin dry, mist Tone & Balance onto face.
  3. Apply Revital-Eyes Cream to the eye area.
  4. Finish by applying Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 Featuring AloeGlyC Complex to keep skin hydrated and protected throughout the day.


  1. Double cleanse face with Cleansing Lotion followed by Acne Cleanser.
  2. Blot skin dry and mist Tone & Balance onto face.
  3. Massage AloeGlyC onto skin and wait several minutes.
  4. Apply A-Firm-Ative Peptide Serum.
  5. Apply Revital-Eyes Cream to the eye area.
  6. Finish by applying Night Moisturizer.

Occasional Steps

When Maria works from home she mists Tone & Balance onto skin throughout the day to keep skin hydrated and feeling refreshed. Each week, she does the Lexli Facial with Lightening Lift. Finally, she regularly gets a professional facial.