Selena's Skin Transformation: Acne Before & After

Getting to see the before and after images of customers who addressed specific skin concerns using Lexli products is the best part of our job and the transformation we are bringing to you today is one of the best ones yet.

Meet Selena.

We recently learned about the results that Selena achieved with the Lexli Acne Kit after reading the product review that she submitted.

The review alone got us excited but when we saw Selena’s beautiful “after” photos, we knew we needed to talk with her to learn more about her experience.

“Lexli has literally been a LIFE SAVER for me! . . . I saw a HUGE turnaround in my skin. I HAVE NOT LOOKED BACK SINCE!!! It’s the ONLY PRODUCT I USE AND IT HAS WORKED WONDERS ON MY SKIN . . This is one product I stand for wholeheartedly and I hardly ever do reviews!”

Lexli: Let’s start by stating the obvious: your skin looks amazing! It appears from your “after” photos that you’ve aged backwards. Would you mind if I asked how old you are?

Selena: I’m proud to say that I’ll be 40 this year. Like so many women, my acne had a hormonal component. I didn’t have great skin when I was younger–I struggled with acne as a teenager–but I was surprised by a sudden onset of adult acne in 2016 after I changed birth control medications, and I assume that my age might have played a role. It was a horrendous experience, not only because it came out of nowhere, but also because it was so stubborn.

Lexli: That’s a hallmark of hormonal acne. It seems to get a bit better but never really goes away. What did you use to address it?

Selena: I feel like I tried everything under the sun to address it over the course of many months. If someone told me about a product, I tried it. I even tried all the acne products that are marketed to teens. Nothing worked.

I did a lot of internet research on skincare during those days and one thing I came across was an article about using aloe to treat acne. After that, I began buying aloe leaves at the grocery store. I’d regularly break a piece off and apply the gel straight to my skin. That worked moderately well but it still didn’t eliminate my breakouts.

Eventually, I came across someone’s personal beauty blog where they talked about their experience with acne. They mentioned Lexli and its use of aloe vera in its products. That spoke to me because of the research I found about acne and aloe. I immediately bought the Lexli Acne Kit.

Selena before Lexli and 6 months and 2 years of improvement after

Lexli: What was your initial experience with Lexli like? Sometimes the Acne Kit can cause skin to purge a bit before it begins healing.

Selena: That didn’t happen to me. From the day I started using the Kit it began improving. My skin never regressed, it just kept slowly getting better. After a few months, the change in my skin was quite dramatic but it required consistency. I used the Lexli Acne Kit for about six months before I noticed that I wasn’t seeing new breakouts or inflammation.

The only side effect I experienced was a bit of dryness and slight peeling around my mouth after I had been using the Acne Kit for awhile. That was my sign that I needed to pull back on the frequency with which I used some of the products in the Kit. For example, I began switching between Acne Cleanser and Lexli Cleansing Lotion. Making modifications did the trick and allowed me to continue seeing improvement without any side effects.

I’ve had clear, even skin for several years now. I may get a hormonal blemish here and there but my skin is consistently healthy.

Selena's beautiful skin today

Lexli: What is your skincare routine like today?

Selena: I still use the Lexli Acne Kit but I have modified my routine even further.

Approximately 3-4 mornings a week, I use Acne Cleanser. The other days I use Cleansing Lotion. I then follow with Acne Moisturizer.

In the evening I wash my face with Cleansing Lotion, followed by a full-face application of Clarifying Lotion. This product is hydrating so I don’t follow with moisturizer in the evening.

I do a mask every two weeks or so and use AloeGlyC just a few times a week.

Selena's Skincare Routine

Lexli: Finally, Selena, what advice do you have for others who are dealing with acne, especially women who are struggling with hormonal acne?

Selena: I most definitely would recommend trying the Lexli Acne Kit. I tell people all the time that this line changed my skin, my confidence and my life. I used to shy away from cameras but no longer. You’ll now find me smiling in photos!

My second piece of advice is to wait at least 60 days before giving up on the acne regimen you’ve implemented. Be consistent and give it time to work. Also, don’t modify your routine during this 60-day period or you won’t truly know what’s working.

Finally, regardless of the products you use, it’s important to monitor your skin closely and make adjustments to your routine when necessary. If your skin starts getting dry or becomes inflamed, pull back a bit on how often you use the products.