​The Acne Facial You Can Do at Home

For those struggling to get acne under control, professional treatments offered by licensed estheticians can be beneficial. Among these are acne facials or deep cleansing facials, which work to exfoliate the skin, minimize blockages in the pores and, ultimately, to calm inflammation. When performed as part of a comprehensive treatment approach that includes the use of effective acne products, such as those found in the  Lexli Acne Kit, the result can be a dramatic improvement in acne symptoms. (Learn more about the causes of acne .)

While acne facials are best left to the professionals who can more safely perform extractions and optimize the results from the treatment, a version of it can be done safely at home on regular basis. In addition to helping improve acne symptoms, the at-home acne facial outlined below is a great way to relieve stress.

The Lexli At-home Acne Facial

Step 1 - Cleanse

Moisten the face and apply Acne Cleanser. Allow product to sit on the skin for two minutes. Remove with moistened washcloths. Blot skin dry and spritz the skin with Tone & Balance facial toner.

Step 2 – Steam & Extractions

Note: It is important that extreme care be used when performing extractions. If done improperly, scarring can occur. Learn the correct way to pop a pimple .

Using a facial steamer or a pot of boiling water, steam the face for eight minutes. Blot skin dry and spritz with Tone & Balance. Perform extractions.

Step 3 – Mask

Moisten the skin with water and apply Lightening Lift aloe vera face mask using upward and outward strokes. Allow product to sit on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes or until it dries and cracks. Remove using moistened washcloths. Blot skin dry and follow by spritzing with Tone & Balance.

Step 4 – Treat

For those with all-over or persistent acne, apply Clarifying Lotion to entire skin using upward and outward strokes. For those with minor outbreaks, use Clarifying Lotion as a spot treatment only on blemishes. Allow product to sit on the skin for five minutes before next step. (Clarifying Lotion is not washed off.)

Step 5 – Exfoliation & Moisture

Apply AloeGlyC glycolic acid exfoliator to the entire face using gentle upward and outward strokes. Allow product to sit on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Follow with application of Acne Moisturizer .

The Lexli Acne Guide

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