Travel Packing List: Skin Care Essentials

Spring Break getaways are on the horizon so we asked Stacey Stark, director of marketing at Lexli, to share her list of  travel skincare essentials. Read on for some great recommendations.

Those of us preparing to get away for spring break could likely commiserate over the annoyance of trying to determine what makes the cut in our limited amount of suitcase space. (Those of you packing not only for yourselves but kids, as well - and maybe even significant others - are really feeling me right now, right?)

Skin care is one of those things many of us don't give a lot of thought to before we go on a trip. However, to ensure our skin not only looks its best during our getaway but is also protected from all that time outdoors, packing the right products is a must. Here is my personal list of Lexli products that always accompany me on vacation.

Lexli Starter Kit

If there's one product that absolutely comes with me any time I travel, it's the Starter Kit. It includes TSA-approved sizes of Cleansing Lotion, AloeGlyC®, Day Moisturizer with SPF 15, Night Moisturizer and Tone & Balance - the basics I need for my morning and evening skin care routines and while en route to my destination. Tone & Balance stays in my handbag and is reapplied during the flight to keep my skin hydrated and comfortable; the perfect antidote to stale airplane air. My husband and kids even use it. Day Moisturizer with SPF 15 gets thrown in my beach bag. I love to use it as my facial sunscreen. Cleansing Lotion doubles as my body wash.

Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen Spray has permanent standing in my beach bag and the entire family uses it. The fact that it's water resistant makes it perfect for use on the kids, while the spray makes it convenient for use on, well, everyone. 

Revital-Eyes Rejuvenating Cream

If I had to pick just one favorite Lexli product, this would be it. Revital-Eyes is packed with outstanding ingredients to fight the signs of aging. On vacation, however, its superpower is the ability to help the eye area look refreshed after a late night. Trust me, you'll be happy you brought it with you.

Moisture Intensifier Serum

The change in climate combined with eating rich foods, indulging in cocktails and time spent in the sun often leaves my skin a bit more sensitive than usual. By using Moisture Intensifier Serum under my moisturizer each day, my skin feels more hydrated and looks less inflamed. 

Hand & Body Lotion

This is another product I don't leave home without. I'm prone to dry hands year-round and Hand & Body Lotion is my go-to product for instant relief. I also use it immediately after showering. While at the beach I use it under sunscreen to keep my skin hydrated.

Lightening Lift

Another one of my favorites! I turn to a Lightening Lift mask any time I need some stress relief and before a big event. Therefore, it's the perfect accompaniment to vacation time. Use it before getting ready for an evening out or at the end of the night while you're relaxing in that amazing deep soak tub in your room.

We'd love to hear your skin care travel essentials! Leave us a comment on Instagram, Facebook or send a direct email. If we feature your travel essentials list, we'll send you a $25 Lexli gift card.