Sparkle & Shine Combo Kit

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Give the gift of clean, comfortable skin, which is coveted all year 'round! The Lexli "Sparkle & Shine" Combo Kit includes the following products:

A full-size bottle (4 ounces) of Cleansing Lotion, the aloe-based facial cleanser that emulsifies dirt, debris and even makeup, while leaving skin feeling hydrated and nurtured. It's a customer favorite for a reason!

A full-size bottle (4 ounces) of Tone & Balance, the hydrating, aloe-based toner that is the workhorse in any skin care routine. In addition to calming inflammation and redness, it hydrates skin, sets makeup, removes last traces of makeup and debris after cleansing, and more.

Products in the "Sparkle & Shine" Combo Kit are packaged in a silver organza bag.

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