One spray and BAM! the face of your youth appears. It's Lexli Spray-On Youth

This is it. The product you’ve spent your entire adult life dreaming of. Spray-On Youth is a radical new addition to the Lexli line that literally turns the clock backwards.

Can we turn back time?

After just one spray - held for about 30 seconds - your face transforms to the state it was in when you were in your twenties. Gone are the fine lines! Say bu-bye to hyperpigmentation! Adios uneven texture! The future is Spray-On Youth!

The secret ingredient is, well, secret. What we can tell you is that Spray-On Youth incorporates some really powerful substances* combined with aloe vera. Lexli is the premier line of aloe-based skin care, after all!

* “Powerful substances” have not been tested or approved by the FDA. We should also mention that so-called "powerful substances" are also banned by the European Union for use in skin care products. So, if you’re a customer in Germany, or Spain, or France, or . . . you get the picture . . . your order of Spray-On Youth likely won’t make it through customs.

Spray-on Youth by Lexli

How about some testimonials?!?

  • Lexli Customer Testimonial

    With Spray-On Youth, turning 78 hasn’t stopped me from getting asked out by much younger men!

    While picking my granddaughter up at the mall last week, a cute twenty-something offered me his phone number. Just for fun, I took it!
    - Ruth A., Buffalo, NY

  • Lexli Customer Testimonial

    When I apply Spray-On Youth I look younger than my daughter!

    She gets so frustrated when we go out and people ask if we’re “sisters!” LOL!
    - Alice W., San Antonio, TX

  • Lexli Customer Testimonial

    Spray-On Youth has become my secret to getting cast in younger parts!

    As an actress in her fifties, I’ve been typecast in “mom” roles. Because of this product I’m now playing the daughter in a new pilot! I don't even care that I have to constantly go back to my trailer to reapply Spray-On Youth!! 

    - Anonymous, Hollywood, CA


And Now, Just a Few Precautions:

alert! alert!
  • The results from Spray-On Youth only last approximately an hour, with some reporting results only lasting minutes. (Let’s just suggest that if you intend to use this product during your upcoming wedding, for example, you might want to select an officiant who isn’t likely to drag out the ceremony.)

  • Avoid high temperatures and high humidity when using Spray-On Youth as it is likely to melt off the face. Oh, and rain. And sprinklers. Swimming, too. Just don't get wet or overheated, okay?

  • Lexli accepts no responsibility for side effects, which could include unusual hair growth or hair loss.

  • This one is especially important: not effective when applied below the chin!

  • Finally, while we very much care about the environment, Spray-On Youth is not beneficial to the ozone. It’s very beneficial for your ozone, however!

Are you ready to change your life?!?

Okay, you got us. Spray-On Youth isn’t an actual product - just our way of getting into the April Fool’s Day spirit! While Lexli products can’t turn back the hands of time, they are formulated to improve the health and aesthetics of the skin you proudly wear. Learn more about our full line of aloe-based skin care products.