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Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

$2.50 - $9.00
Lexli Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is formulated with isopropyl alcohol (70%) to kill bacterial and viral cells on the skin that could cause disease and is an effective substitute when soap and...

Lexli Trial Skin Care Kits

$23.99 - $52.99
Lexli trial kits are a convenient way to test out the Lexli regimen that is right for your skin before committing to full product sizes. Trial kits feature a one- to two-week supply of product...

Lexli At-Home Facial Kit

The Lexli At-Home Facial Kit features the products used by estheticians to perform the Lexli basic facial in their salon or spa, and leaves skin looking firmer and brighter. The Kit is packaged in a...


$19.99 - $78.99
AloeGlyC® is a face exfoliator like no other. Formulated with a base of organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera and glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid, this patented exfoliator features a pH...

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Why Aloe Vera?

Lexli products boast an aloe vera base, unlike most skin care products, which are usually water-based. Why is our aloe base best for your skin?

• It's organic and free of impurities
• Aloe penetrates skin better than water
• Aloe hydrates skin and helps it heal

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