Why does Lexli use a base of aloe vera in its products?

The base ingredient of a skincare product comprises 75-95% of what is in the bottle. For that reason, we believe that a therapeutic skincare base ingredient is essential. Lexli uses pure aloe vera because it is clinically proven to benefit the skin. In addition to calming and soothing, aloe vera is an excellent skin hydrator and can help to clarify the skin. 

Do Lexli products include parabens?

No. All Lexli products are paraben-free.

Are Lexli products tested on animals?

No. Since our company’s formation more than 20 years ago, Lexli has committed to offering products that are cruelty-free. Today, the entire Lexli line is certified by both Leaping Bunny and PETA to be cruelty-free, illustrating our promise to never harm animals in the manufacture of our products.

Where are Lexli products manufactured?

Lexli products are manufactured in Texas.

The consistency of my jar of AloeGlyC has changed. Is it still safe to use?

Absolutely! As AloeGlyC ages, the consistency changes, becoming thinner and darker. This is normal and does not impact the effectiveness of the product.

Heat fluctuations can also contribute to separation of AloeGlyC. This is why we advise keeping the product at room temperature. When exposed to higher temperatures, such as when left in an enclosed car, or if the product is allowed to freeze and then thaw, you'll find it separates. To thicken the product, stir it - don't shake, as this breaks the vitamin C beads in the formulation - and place in the refrigerator overnight. Stir again when you remove it. If you prefer your product maintain the thicker consistency, we advise storing it in a refrigerator.

Is it safe to use Lexli products while pregnant or nursing?

All Lexli products are safe to use during pregnancy. However, we advise talking with your physician, as some medical professionals prefer their patients do not use products with salicylic acid (found in Clarifying Cleanser) or glycolic acid (found inAloeGlyC) when pregnant. Therefore, it ultimately is a personal choice.

Do Lexli products expire?

Lexli products have a two-year shelf life for unopened products, as indicated by the expiration date stamped on each product. Once opened, we advise that products should be used within a year, as noted by the PAO (Period After Use) stated on our labels.  


Where can I buy Lexli products?

Lexli products can be purchased from select licensed estheticians, makeup artists and physicians throughout the United States who are authorized retailers of the Lexli line. Additionally, the full line is available here on our retail site. If you were introduced to Lexli via your skincare professional, we encourage you to order through them directly, as they can drop-ship items that they do not have in stock, or shop at using the Lexli affiliate URL, which they can provide. 

Can I purchase Lexli products outside the United States?

International orders may be made here on our website. We currently do not have distributors outside the United States.

Do you offer samples of your products?

Samples of Lexli products are not offered on the Lexli website. However, you may sample our products via a licensed Lexli retailer.

We offer a variety of sizes for each Lexli product, including smaller sizes that are appropriate for trying our products. Like most skincare products, it typically takes several weeks of consistent use of Lexli products to begin seeing improvement. By purchasing a small retail size you will have enough product to determine if it is a fit for your skin.

Do you offer an option to subscribe and save on Lexli products?

We do! On each product page, you have the option of setting up "auto replenishment," which allows you to save 10% on the product while ensuring it is always in hand when you need it. 

How do I track my order?

You may view your orders by clicking the person icon in the top right corner of the screen to log into your Lexli customer account.

Additionally, customers receive a confirmation email after placing an order and again when an order ships.

Finally, if you have the Shop app, you'll see your Lexli order there, as well.

How do I cancel an order I recently placed?

To cancel an order, please contact our customer service team for assistance at or (877) 893-3417. Please note that orders are shipped promptly. If your order has already shipped we are unable to cancel it.

Can I add a promo code to an order I recently placed?

Promo codes can only be applied to orders the same day they are purchased. To request a promo code be applied, please contact our customer service team for assistance at or (877) 893-3417.

I’m having trouble adding a promo code to my order.

Please contact our customer service team who can investigate the issue. They are available via email at or by phone at (877) 893-3417.

Do you offer gift cards?

No, Lexli does not offer gift cards.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Lexli is committed to providing you with product as quickly as possible. Please read our Shipping Policy.

What if my order appears to be lost or damaged?

We advise that customers watch the tracking number included in their shipment confirmation email to determine if their package is still in transit. If it has been 14 or more business days from the date of mailing and the package tracking is no longer updating, please reach out to Lexli customer service for assistance.

All shipments from Lexli must be inspected immediately upon arrival. If your shipment became damaged during shipment, contact Lexli Customer Service within 48 hours so we may begin an investigation and initiate the claims process. At that time, we will require photos of the damage so we may process a replacement shipment and give you instructions for returning the damaged goods. Damaged merchandise will not be accepted if held for more than 15 days after receipt.

Customer Account

How do I change the email address on my account?

Please reach out to Lexli customer service at for assistance updating the email address linked to your customer account.

How do I become a Gold or Platinum rewards member?

The ALOE Rewards program offers exclusive benefits for customers who spend more than $200 for Gold and more than $700 for Platinum in a calendar year at Learn details about the ALOE Rewards program.

How does the Lexli ALOE Rewards Loyalty Program work?

The Lexli ALOE Rewards program allows customers to earn points on each order and when completing various activities, which may be used for order discounts and free product. Learn details about the Lexli ALOE Rewards program.

Why didn't I earn ALOE Rewards points on my order?

The primary reason why a customer doesn't earn ALOE Rewards points on their order is that they ordered without logging into their Lexli customer account. Guest orders do not earn points, which is why we strongly advise all customers to ensure they are logged in before ordering. Unfortunately, Lexli is unable to award points retroactively.

Additionally, orders that are paid for with store credit or gift cards do not earn points. This is because gift card purchases earn the purchaser points at the time the gift card is purchased. Store credits are typically offered as promotions or a form of refund, in which case they are not eligible to earn points. If an order is partially paid with a gift card or store credit, points will be earned for the portion of the payment that is paid for with a credit card or Paypal.

How do I apply store credit to my order?

Lexli no longer offers store credit. If you were previously offered store credit that you would like to apply to an order, please contact us at

Professional Account

Where can I learn more about carrying the Lexli line?

If you are a licensed aesthetic professional interested in offering Lexli products to your clients or patients, please visit our professional program page where you can learn preliminary details about the Lexli Professional Program. Please complete the wholesale inquiry form on that page and we will send you details about wholesale pricing, order requirements and more.

Affiliate Program

Does Lexli offer an affiliate program?

We do! Participation in the Lexli affiliate program allows customers and website owners to earn a 25% commission on sales that originate from their custom URL. To learn more about the program and to register for a free affiliate account, please visit the Lexli Affiliate Program page.


Do you offer a product catalog?

Lexli does have a product catalog, available by request. If you are interested in having a product catalog sent to you, contact our customer service team at or (877) 893-3417.

I am interested in submitting a testimonial. Who do I contact?

We love hearing our customers' Lexli stories! If you are interested in submitting a testimonial that may be considered for a feature story on our blog, please contact our customer service team at or (877) 893-3417 and a member of the Lexli marketing team will contact you.

Who do I contact with a media inquiry?

Please contact us at or (877) 893-3417 and your inquiry will immediately be communicated to our public relations team.

How do I request a product donation?

Lexli believes in supporting non-profits and giving back to our communities. True to this commitment, we often provide product for auctions, non-profit groups and more. We invite you to send us an email at detailing your request and providing information about your organization or cause. A member of our public relations team will respond to you.

How do I unsubscribe from Lexli emails?

To unsubscribe from Lexli emails, simply click the "unsubscribe" link found at the bottom of every Lexli email. Alternately, you may send an email to our customer service team at and we will promptly remove you.

How do I get Lexli promo codes and discount offers?

Lexli frequently offers promo codes and discounts exclusively to our email subscribers. To ensure you're on the list, enter your email address and/or mobile phone number in the signup section, found at the bottom of every Lexli web page.

I’m having trouble ordering online. Who do I contact?

If you are encountering an issue with online ordering, please contact our customer service team at or (877) 893-3417. We can either help you resolve the issue or, if you prefer, we can take your order over the phone.

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