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Plastic surgeon Dr. Ahmed Abdullah began searching for a properly formulated skin care line that he could offer his patients to optimize their skin health - post-surgery and beyond. After researching the options available on the market, Dr. A was left unimpressed and unwilling to stand behind any of the brands he encountered. As a noted aloe researcher, he recognized that an aloe-based line would provide best results. However, one didn't exist. He, therefore, set about to create one exclusively for his patients’ use.


Dr. A introduced his first product to a select group of patients: an aloe-based daily exfoliant that later became AloeGlyC®. Within weeks, this test group began demonstrating dramatic improvements – skin became softer and more even, acne disappeared, fine lines were minimized, and complexions became more even. Excited with their results, patients began telling their friends and family. Soon, customers were showing up at Dr. A's clinic to purchase a product that didn’t have a name and was only made in small batches.

Given the success of that first product, Dr. A began to expand his skin care offering. Within months he had established a company and hired a staff so he could meet the unexpected demand for his line of products. He named the company “Lexli,” after his two sons: Alex and Ali.


Lexli launched nationally in 2009 and today stands as the premier line of aloe-based skin care products. Dr. A remains at the helm of the company as president and lead formulator. Under his guidance, Lexli is dedicated to providing superior skin care products that incorporate the highest quality ingredients, leverage the latest scientific findings and offer performance that matches their claims.