How to Select the Best Moisturizer for Winter

We know what you're thinking . . . it's only October. But throughout much of the country, temperatures have turned colder and humidity is on the descent, making now the perfect time to switch out your moisturizer to ensure your skin is hydrated and protected throughout the fall and winter. After all, the combination of cold temps and low humidity spell potential disaster for our skin. 

To preserve vital skin moisture, look for three ingredient categories in the face moisturizer you'll use now and throughout the winter:

  • Humectants attract moisture
  • Emollients soften and smooth skin
  • Occlusives keep moisture in
  • Humectants: These ingredients attract water to the skin and hold it there to ensure ongoing hydration. Excellent humectants include aloe, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.
  • Emollients: These ingredients soften and smooth the skin, making them a life-saver for skin that is already dry. Examples include cetyl alcohol, panthenol and plant oils like jojoba seed oil.
  • Occlusives: These ingredients create a physical barrier to protect skin from moisture loss. Examples include petrolatum, cocoa butter and lanolin.

With this information in mind, below are our fall and winter moisturizer recommendations for each skin type. 

If your skin is sensitive or becomes dry throughout the fall and winter, it's time to start using a heavier moisturizer, like Lexli Night Moisturizer. Despite the name, this product can be used night and day by those with normal-to-dry skin types. If your skin is extremely dry or if you develop dry skin patches, the added step of applying a moisture serum morning and evening, such as Lexli Moisture Intensifier Serum, will make a big difference in your skin. Because these products have no added sunscreen, it's important to layer one over the top. Finally, we advise applying a moisturizing spray throughout the day, like Lexli Tone & Balance aloe vera toner, to keep skin moisturized and comfortable. 

If your skin is normal throughout the winter, nurture your skin with Night Moisturizer at, well, night. During the day, continue using a moisturizer that contains added sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. We highly recommend Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 at this time of year because the added AloeGlyC® Complex prevents the accumulation of dead skin cells while allowing moisturizing ingredients to be more effective. Those with normal skin also benefit from frequent application of Tone & Balance throughout the day.

If your skin is oily even during the winter, frequent use of moisturizer is still vital. Contrary to what most believe, oily skin can become dehydrated, which causes it to only increase its production of oil. To avoid this, twice each day use a gentle cleanser, like Cleansing Lotion, to reduce excess sebum (skin oil). Follow with use of a gel-based moisturizer that contains humectants, emollients and occlusives that are lighter in weight, such as Day Moisturizer for Oily Skin. Don't forget to apply sunscreen over the top to keep skin hydrated. Oily skin also benefits from use of Tone & Balance to keep the skin balanced throughout the day. 

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