Customer Testimonial: Sierra's Solution for Clear Skin

Included with every Acne Kit order is a product insert that encourages customers to take a “before” photo of their skin prior to beginning the Lexli clarifying regimen and another after 30 days of consistent use. Doing so helps them to appreciate the transformation their skin undergoes in just a month. We also invite customers to share those photos with us, which is how we met Amy and her daughter Sierra.

Sierra is an 18-year-old Musical Theatre major who frequently appears in productions that require the use of heavy stage makeup – a fact that has spelled disaster for her acne-prone skin. (As we’ve learned from other Lexli customers, it is not uncommon for stage makeup to exacerbate acne.) Amy found Lexli while on a mission to help alleviate her daughter's skin issues. After seeing Sierra's incredible before and after photos, we wanted to learn more. Amy and Sierra were kind enough to talk with us to share details of their story.

Lexli: Sierra, we’re so excited to see how beautiful your skin looks! You’ve told us that it hasn't always been that way, however. 

Sierra: Prior to using Lexli, breakouts were my biggest issue, followed by dry, irritated skin, which was caused by my use of irritating acne products. I truly feel like I tried everything to improve my skin – from prescription medications to very expensive department store lines. As a singer and performer, I’ve used stage makeup for many years. On some days, I even have to remove and reapply makeup several times, which is especially hard on my skin. I was caught in a vicious cycle of aggravating my skin, breaking out, and then wearing heavy makeup when not on stage to cover up the blemishes.

Sierra before LexliSierra after Lexli

Left: Sierra before using the Lexli Acne Kit. Right: After using the Kit for four weeks.

Lexli: Amy, you are the one who found the Lexli Acne Kit. What drew you to it, after having purchased many other products for Sierra in the past?

Amy: I was determined to find a product that would help improve Sierra’s skin and, therefore, spent a considerable amount of time conducting research on the lines that are out there. Upon learning about Lexli, I was initially impressed with the reviews of the Acne Kit. As I investigated more, I was excited to find that Lexli products are based on natural, less harsh ingredients, like aloe vera. The price was reasonable so I decided to order the Acne Kit and have Sierra give it a try.

Lexli: What were your thoughts once you began using the Kit?

Sierra: Initially, the Kit felt like a lot of steps and more time-consuming than what I had been doing in the past. However, I began to see results pretty quickly and discovered that it was well worth the extra time. I now rely on each step of the Lexli clarifying skincare regimen and don’t want to be without any of the products.

Sierra and her mother Amy

Amy: I could tell a difference in Sierra’s skin after just a few days of using the Lexli Acne Kit. Her breakouts were significantly better and she didn’t have any of the dryness that she had experienced previously with other products. For the first time, I felt like I got my money’s worth!

Lexli: Sierra, what products have been the most effective in improving your skin?

Sierra: My two favorite products are AloeGlyC® glycolic exfoliator and Acne Clarifying Lotion. AloeGlyC has been key to improving my dry, flaky skin and Clarifying Lotion is key to keeping my skin clear.

After using the Acne Kit for a while I added Tone & Balance face toner and Lightening Lift aloe mask. These products helped to clear my skin even further.

Lexli: Any final thoughts you'd like to share?

Amy: I recommend the Lexli Acne Kit to anyone dealing with breakouts or acne, whether they have mild or stubborn issues. Sierra's experience has shown that they aren't harsh and I actually feel like they're good for the skin! 

Sierra: The products have worked exactly as described on the website. I'm so glad my mom discovered Lexli!

Sierra's Skin Care Regimen

  • Morning:

  • 1. Cleanse skin using Acne Cleanser and pat skin dry. 

  • 2. Apply Clarifying Lotion to entire face and wait a few minutes. 

  • 3. Apply AloeGlyC to entire face and wait a few minutes before continuing onto next step.

  • 4. Apply Acne Moisturizer.   

  • 5. Spritz face with Tone & Balance and follow with makeup application.

  • Evening:

  • Steps 1-4 of morning routine.

  • Treatment:

  • Sierra performs a Lightening Lift mask 1-3 times each week.

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