​Esthetician Talk: Lexli Interviews Lipgloss & Aftershave

We’re continuing our monthly series of interviews with leaders within the field of esthetics to get their take on industry trends, learn their top skin care recommendations, hear their tips for those just beginning their career as an esthetician, and more. Whether you’re a professional in the field or a consumer who wants to ensure your skin is as healthy as it can be, we’re confident that the interviews in this series will hold valuable information for you.

Meet Jenni Nagle and Barry Eichner.

Skin care industry veterans with more than 40 combined years of experience, Jenni and Barry created Lipgloss & Aftershave in 2017 to keep the aesthetics community updated on the latest skin care products, technologies, treatments and techniques. In the three short years since creating the site, Lipgloss & Aftershave has grown to have an impressive following from estheticians, spa directors, distributors and others within the field of aesthetics, all of whom come to the site to learn and engage with others.

Jenni has been a licensed esthetician for 20 years and has used her expertise both to provide hands-on treatments and to run business operations at spas. Barry has spent the same amount of time working as a wholesale skin care rep, vice president of a chain of medical spas and a consultant for spas and salons. Today, when not knee-deep in content creation for their site, the pair can be found working as on-air correspondents at all four of the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference events in the United States.

Everyone on our team loves reading Lipgloss & Aftershave so we’re excited to talk with the two of you! Life has been busy for you both lately. What role are you enjoying the most these days?

L&A: Content creation! It’s been a privilege to bring a fresh, fun and educational approach to the skin care industry. And given the increases we’re seeing in site visitation, it’s clear to us that this is information that industry professionals want to receive.

As you look at the field of esthetics today, what do you feel are some of the most important topics?

L&A: While there are so many important topics in aesthetics today, there are two areas that really stand out in our minds: 1) Preventative skin care and the importance of avoiding skin issues rather than always reactively treating them. Proactivity is the name of the game. 2) There are so many exciting new rejuvenation technologies available today. Devices are hot!

What is your most important piece of advice for new aesthetic graduates who are just entering the field and want to emulate your success?

L&A: It’s so important to step out of your comfort zone – that’s where the magic happens. Don’t be afraid to try something new on a regular basis and, while you’re at it, share your knowledge with others. It’s imperative that we all work together to lift our industry up!

If a client was limited by budget and time, what would you suggest as the most vital skin care steps and, beyond that, the most important professional treatments?

L&A: In line with the importance of preventative skin care, our top piece of skin care advice is to use vitamin C and SPF products every single day. There are so many great retail products for at-home use so ensuring a good skin care foundation is key. If you’re going to spend money on professional treatments, make sure you choose those that you cannot do at home. Finally, find an aesthetic professional who can incorporate more advanced devices and treatments into your facials.

We’re talking at an unusual time, with much of the country shutting down temporarily due to the coronavirus crisis. What advice do you have for estheticians who may not be working at the moment, and those who are self-employed and concerned about the future?

L&A: Our advice to estheticians is to stay relevant and become a resource for your clients. Never before has digital marketing been so vital! Offer your clients things like home care advice and simple skin care routines that they feel as if they can do on their own. Remember, we are the experts!

We have a great article on Lipgloss & Aftershave about Dealing with Coronavirus. We’ve provided some examples of how spas are dealing with it and outlined a few valuable resources to help professionals get through these trying times.

You’ve already had an incredible career. What do you envision for yourself for the next 20 years?

L&A: Never leaving the skin care industry! We envision Lipgloss & Aftershave growing into an even bigger community and destination for skin care education, entertainment and the latest and greatest our fantastic industry has to offer.

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