Esthetician Talk: Lexli interviews Morgan Cameron

Lexli’s Esthetician Talk series of interviews continues as we profile leaders within the field of esthetics. Through these discussions we’ve highlighted experts’ take on industry trends, learned about their top recommended treatments, heard their tips for those starting their esthetics career, and much more. Whether you’re an established skin care expert, are new to the field, or are a consumer looking for skin care advice, the information in this series holds something for everyone.

Meet Morgan Cameron.

The owner of Enlightened Beauty in Sacramento, a holistic skin spa, Morgan has spent more than 10 years in the beauty industry. After getting her start as a makeup artist, she worked on behalf of numerous leading makeup brands, but soon discovered a passion for skin care. Upon graduating from esthetics school, Morgan honed her skills while working at several spas and salons. “This period of time helped me determine the type of esthetician I wanted to be and it’s also where I fell in love with treating more severe skin conditions,” she explains. “The feeling of being able to help my clients, especially when they’ve long dealt with skin issues, always leaves me feeling fulfilled and empowered. Through Enlightened Beauty I have created the opportunity to give my clients the full experience of healing from the inside out.”

L: You describe your business as providing a “holistic beauty experience.” What does that mean for your clients?

MC: I have a background in integrative nutrition and am a certified holistic health and wellness coach, which allows me to offer a more comprehensive treatment approach for my clients. By treating the skin as a whole being rather than an individual set of issues, my clients experience complete healing - mind, body and soul.

During my sessions with clients we not only go over skin care products and treatments, we also talk about lifestyle, diet and current or past relationships so we can ensure that all factors work together to help them reach their ultimate goal.

L: What is an average day like for you?

MC: My days are full and busy! I currently book out a month in advance so my clients always know to book in advance. My shop is open for retail so we constantly have people popping in to buy product. Outside of meeting with clients, my team and I work to keep the spa very present on social media.

L: Given your unique approach to skin care, what would you suggest is the key to beautiful skin?

MC: Ironically, the key to beautiful skin is loving yourself completely and wholeheartedly, whether you currently have the perfect skin or not! I believe that in order to heal your skin, you have to heal the inside, as well. Living with this mindset leads you to that desired glow.

When I meet with a client for the first time, it is often apparent that their skin is struggling because they’re lacking in self-love. I always send them home with tools to help them grow in this area.

L: As we both know, sometimes our skin is dramatically improved by making small changes in how we approach skin care. What is your favorite skin care tip?

MC: My number one tip is to always wear sunscreen! The sun is definitely a vital part of a healthy life but it also causes a ton of damage to the skin, not just in terms of aesthetic concerns like lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, but skin cancer, obviously, on the extreme end. I suggest wearing a physical sunscreen instead of a chemical one because it ensures the proper protection skin needs to stay healthy.

L: In your opinion, what is the most important innovation in the aesthetics industry today?

MC: In my opinion, it’s LED light therapy. Originally created by NASA to help astronauts manage pain, LED is a natural and effective way to treat acne and aging skin with no downtime. This treatment is great for all skin types and lifestyles so really everyone can benefit from it.

L: If a client was limited by budget and/or time, what would you suggest is the best way to improve their skin?

MC: Enzyme exfoliation. This treatment focuses on the surface of the skin and leaves it looking brighter.

L: On the topic of home care, what do you suggest to your clients to keep their skin looking its best between appointments?

MC: I advise clients to have a whole skin care system. Before working with me, most clients have a skin care routine pieced together from a variety of skin care lines. However, I work with them to develop a results-oriented system of treatments and home care that works together to create perfectly balanced skin. Home care is more than 50% of how I treat my clients’ skin.

L: Finally, what is your top piece of advice for new estheticians?

MC: My best advice is to work under someone before you decide to go out on your own. Doing so allows you to explore the different aspects of the field and figure out the type of esthetician you really want to be. Also, take as many advanced esthetician classes as you can outside of school. Esti school is great for the basics, sanitation and to pass the state board but you really do most of your learning outside school.

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