Five Winter Skincare Tips

Much like our wardrobe, your skincare routine should change along with the seasons. With the drop in temperatures and humidity, our skin can suffer when winter arrives, which means that having a solid winter skincare routine is vital. Luckily, with the proper steps, combating dull, dry winter skin is completely doable, even when the weather outside is “frightful.”

What can winter do to your skin?

Low-humidity temperatures affect everyone’s skin differently. While loss of radiance and hydration are common with most skin types, this isn’t the only havoc winter can wreak on your skin.

Those with normal, combination and oily skin can see their skin become more oily during the winter time as a result of dehydration or dryness. It sounds counterintuitive, we know, but when your skin becomes drier, it often tries to moisturize and protect itself by creating more sebum (oil).

Humidity–while our hair’s worst enemy–helps keep our skin smooth and helps combat dryness and flaking. The combination of decreased humidity outside and increased dry heat inside creates a cocktail for disaster that causes our skin to feel more sensitive and dehydrated and for redness to even appear.

Because our skin can be a bit temperamental in winter, it’s often best to keep experimentation to a minimum at this time of year. Avoid introducing new skincare products with strong active ingredients until temperatures rise and your skin starts to normalize to avoid the potential for adverse reactions. Rather, if you do introduce new products, stick to those that are gentle and hydrating. "Nurture" is the name of the game.

What should your winter skincare routine look like?

To help your skin look its best and be its most healthy and balanced throughout winter, consider the following five winter skincare tips:

  1. Winter is still the right time to cleanse your skin morning and evening, especially to keep excess face oil at bay and remove any dirt or grime from the day. However, be sure to use a gentle formulation that keeps your skin's pH in balance and doesn't strip essential skin oils. Product suggestion: Cleansing Lotion, $22.99
  2. Replenishing moisture in our skin is key in the winter and goes beyond just using a moisturizing cream. Treat your skin with kindness by layering an extra hydrating serum under moisturizer to calm any areas of your skin that may have been irritated by the dry weather, to nourish your skin and help retain its moisture. Product suggestion: Moisture Intensifier Serum, $52.99
  3. Your skin as a whole is important, but certain areas of your skin may be affected more harshly by the change in weather. The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face, so it may need more TLC. Use a revitalizing eye cream to help hydrate the eye area while encouraging firmness. Product suggestion: Revital-Eyes, $50.99
  4. Moisture is key to combating the dull and dry skin that comes with the territory in winter. The same moisturizer that you use the rest of the year may not be enough when it comes to the winter months. Use a moisturizer that is rich in three ingredient categories: humectants, emollients and occlusives - to pull moisture into the skin and hold it there, while creating a protective layer on your skin. Moisturizers formulated with quality ingredients in each of these categories will help retain moisture better than any standard facial cream or lotion. Product suggestion: Night Moisturizer, $39.99
  5. Contrary to popular belief, SPF is essential all year 'round. UV rays are still present during the dead of winter–even if they are weaker–so your skin is still at risk for premature aging and sun damage. Continue to use SPF throughout winter to offer your skin protection from UV rays that increase the risk of not only skin cancer, but also premature skin agingProduct suggestion: Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 with Glycolic Acid, $44.99