Holiday Makeup Skin Prep Routine

With the height of the holiday social season just weeks away, chances are you've already spent time picking out the perfect outfit and even perusing holiday makeup looks on Pinterest. But to look your very best, don't forget about the importance of a solid skin care routine and consider trying out a few of our favorite holiday makeup skin prep routine tips:

1. Use a product to temporarily firm the skin before doing your holiday makeup. As its name implies, Lexli Lightening Lift, an aloe vera face mask, provides a temporary lift to the skin and leaves your skin glowing. (Lightening Lift has additional benefits when used consistently. The product offers light exfoliation and diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage and blemishes. Those with acne will find that it helps to control oil production and decreases the frequency of breakouts.) 

2. Use an eye cream to help your eye area look brighter. Lexli Revital-Eyes is a firming eye cream that improves the overall appearance of the eye area when used consistently. However, it can provide an immediate cosmetic improvement to the eye area, as well. Revital-Eyes features a potent combination of peptides, anti-inflammatories and vitamins that help to remove blood-originated pigments that cause bags and reduce puffiness. An added bonus: Revital-Eyes acts as a primer, making it perfect for use under your holiday makeup.

3. Carry a refreshing skin toner in your handbag. Winter is the season when many of us find our skin is drier than usual and nothing looks worse under your holiday makeup than flakey skin. Products like Lexli Tone & Balance facial toner is loaded with emollients and humectants that help to hold moisture in the skin. Spray a light mist onto skin each time you reapply your lipstick and you'll find your skin feeling comfortable throughout the evening and looking hydrated. Here's an additional tip: spray a light mist of Tone & Balance onto your face after applying makeup to set your look and prevent makeup from sliding. 

Avoiding Holiday Pitfalls 

Let's face it, the holidays are also the time of year when we're likely sleeping less and consuming more. And despite the general "cheeriness" of the season, many of us are also feeling increased stress. Watch out for these holiday pitfalls that can have a negative impact on your skin:

  • Alcohol dilates capillaries, causing skin to look red or blotchy while worsening the appearance of rosacea. It also dehydrates the skin, causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear more prevalent. 
  • Rich, salty foods are prevalent this time of year and the consumption of excess sodium causes dehydration and fluid retention. As a result, you may find your eyes look puffier. Sugar is also a concern because it breaks down collagen (the protein that gives skin its strength and elasticity) and causes a decrease in the production of new collagen.
  • Lack of sleep leaves our skin looking paler and causes undereye circles to become more apparent. This is because the body relies on sleep to increase circulation and rebuild tissues and cells. Without enough sleep, these important processes cannot fully occur.
  • Stress prompts the body to begin producing cortisol, the “flight or fight” hormone that accelerates the aging process. The immediate consequence of stress is that sleep is affected.

Given these concerns, its wise to to limit consumption of rich foods and alcohol, while ensuring proper hydration. Consider following a cocktail with a glass of sparkling water and limiting the total number of alcoholic drinks you'll have in an evening. Additionally, make sleep a priority and practice relaxation techniques, like yoga or meditation, to help deal with holiday stress.

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