How to Get Rid of Tired Eyes

Our eyes are most often the first area on our face to begin showing the signs of aging. Given that they're also the focal point of our face, we have an incentive to keep them looking as youthful and vibrant as possible. The good news is that tired-looking eyes are caused by factors over which we have control. With discipline and consistency, it's possible to keep your eye area looking young and, in turn, keeping you looking refreshed.

The skin that surrounds our eyes is among the thinnest on the human body. As such, even subtle modifications in our lifestyle can cause dramatic changes, including dark undereye circles, undereye puffiness, crow's feet and more. Consider the following habits to prevent tired-looking eyes and prevent further damage:

Eye Cream to the Rescue

Eyes creams formulated with effective active ingredients are a must-have addition to the skin care routine of anyone who wants to keep their eye area looking its best. Not only can eye creams deliver targeted hydration to minimize the appearance of fine lines, depending on their ingredients they also can reduce puffiness and minimize dark under-eye circles. Look for a product that features clinically proven active ingredients, like  peptides, to encourage the rebuilding of collagen and elastin; antioxidant protection, in the form of vitamins, green tea extract, and more; and ingredients to minimize inflammation, including our favorite - pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera. (Hint: Lexli Revital-Eyes Rejuvenating Cream checks all those boxes.)

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to the dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes, which makes them more visible below the thin skin tissue of the eye area and gives the appearance of under-eye circles. It's important to note that sleeping on your stomach or side can cause fluids to accumulate under the eyes, leading to puffiness. This is why many of us awake to temporarily puffy undereyes. Instead, try sleeping on your back and use an extra pillow to elevate your head and encourage fluid drainage.

Chill Out for Awhile

While the ol' freshly cut cucumbers under the eyes trick doesn't really do much to improve the appearance of tired eyes, it is true that the application of cold compresses to the eyes can help to minimize puffiness in a pinch. Use caution, however, because you don't want to damage skin tissue by applying anything too cold. Ideas include cold spoons, chilled tea bags (benefit: the caffeine in tea may help to constrict blood vessels) or a chilled gel eye mask. Whatever you choose, keep the item applied to the under eyes for 10 to 15 minutes to see maximum benefit.


No surprise here, right? The use of sunscreen is the cardinal rule of skin care because UV exposure is the main culprit of skin aging. Regardless of the weather, regardless of how much time you intend to be outdoors and regardless of how busy you are in the morning, use of sunscreen is a must. By wearing it religiously, you minimize the sun's ability to break down collagen and elastin - the proteins that give skin its strength and elasticity, as well as the potential for hyperpigmentation. 

Wear Your Sunnies Daily

Sunglasses are the fashion accessory with a true health benefit. By blocking a good deal of sunlight from the eyes, they not only minimize UV skin damage but also help to keep the eyes healthy. Individuals who spend a good deal of time in the sunlight without protective sunglasses are at a higher risk for  pterygiums and pingueculas - growths on the conjunctiva (the white portion of the eye).

Don't Smoke/Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Cigarette smoke accelerates the skin's aging process by constricting the blood vessels in the epidermis. The resulting decrease in blood flow depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients. What's more, the chemicals present in smoke break down collagen and elastin. The result of this damage is an increase in wrinkles, rough skin texture, skin discoloration, and more.

Increase the Antioxidant Protection

By disarming free radicals,  antioxidants help minimize cellular damage in our skin and throughout the entire body. To ensure your skin gets a good dose of these natural crimefighters, eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and nuts and use skin care products that feature antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, grape seed and more. (Lexli products that are packed with antioxidants include Lightening LiftMoisture Intensifier SerumDay Moisturizer with SPF 30 and others.)

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, Lexli founder and lead formulator, wrote a detailed article about aesthetic concerns of the eye area for Dermascope magazine. This piece provides a good primer on the causes of puffiness and undereye circles, as well as information about topical and surgical treatment options. For those interested in diving further into this topic, it's a worthwhile read.

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