Dr. Abdullah Video: What Does Exfoliating Do to the Skin?

We've written a lot on the topic of exfoliation here on the Lexli blog and in aesthetic industry publications (read  The Case for Exfoliation at Dermascope). And while we're pretty sure that those of you who follow the blog understand the "why" of exfoliation, what we haven't walked through in great detail is the "how." Therefore, we caught up with Lexli founder Dr. Ahmed Abdullah on his way out of surgery recently and asked him to give an explanation. We think he did a great job of making the concept easier to understand while reiterating just how amazing the practice of exfoliation is for your skin.

Watch Dr. Abdullah's video about  how exfoliation improves the skin and if you have any questions, leave them in the YouTube comments. Dr. Abdullah or a member of the Lexli education team will get back to you with a direct answer.

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