Launching Revital-Eyes and Understanding the Results Possible from an Eye Cream

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Revital-Eyes, the first-ever eye cream from Lexli. It's a product we're especially proud to launch, given that it has been under development and testing for quite some time. Following the finalization of the product formulation, our team conducted several consumer product trials and, overwhelmingly, product users loved the eye cream and experienced very positive improvements. For example, the woman featured below applied Revital-Eyes morning and evening to her left eye only for eight weeks while the right eye went untreated. 

Eyes before LexliEyes after Lexli

In talking with members of our consumer trials, we have come to understand how frustrating the process of buying certain skin care products - like eye cream - can be. It's one of those products for which we have high hopes of seeing an improvement and often are left unsatisfied with the end result. We believe the problem is often one of understanding the improvements that are possible from a jar. 

Dr. Abdullah addresses that topic head-on in the featured article appearing in the May issue of Dermascope Magazine. Titled "Taking a Closer Look at the Aesthetic Concerns of the Periorbital Region," the article addresses the cause of puffy eyes, dark undereye circles and fine lines in the eye region while specifying when an eye cream can help and when other, more invasive, techniques are needed. We encourage you to take a look.

We've been excited to see all the orders coming through for Revital-Eyes this week and look forward to hearing your feedback after approximately eight weeks of use, as this is the time when improvements will become more apparent. In our trials, all participants felt their skin was softer and more hydrated at that point while 78% saw an improvement in skin texture and 56% noticed an improvement in fine lines. Improvements become increasingly visible the longer the product is consistently used. If you wish to share your experience, we encourage you to contact us via our customer service  email address or share via social media (links are found on our home page).