How to Prep Skin for Makeup

Makeup and skincare: a match made in beauty heaven. After all, even the most expertly applied makeup look appears less-than-perfect when the skin beneath it isn't in great shape. While a consistent skincare routine appropriate for your skin type is a given if you want skin that looks (and feels!) its best, don't underestimate the importance of prepping the skin before makeup application. Doing so ensures the perfect canvas for the look you want to achieve.

Here is our list of five must-do steps to get glowing, gorgeous skin that looks flawless under makeup:

  1. A Clean Start - Even if you don't have any makeup on your skin, properly wash your face before getting started. Dirt, debris and sebum build up on your skin throughout the day, creating a slippery foundation on which to apply makeup. Recommended product: Lexli Cleansing Lotion
  2. Firm It Up - No matter your age, your skin will benefit from the use of a brightening mask that offers light exfoliation. Products like Lexli Lightening Lift aloe vera mask brighten, clarify and plump skin while giving it a temporary lifted appearance. The result? Skin looks radiant and more youthful. Recommended product: Lexli Lightening Lift
  3. Eye Gotcha - The eyes are the focal point of the face so you want to minimize undereye circles and puffiness as much as possible. For immediate improvement, look for eye creams formulated with anti-inflammatories and ingredients like chrysin that help to diminish blood-originated pigments. An added bonus: eye creams hydrate the eye area, which helps keep makeup from creasing. Recommended product: Lexli Revital-Eyes
  4. Stay Hydrated - Moisturizer is, without a doubt, a daily skincare necessity. Selecting a formulation that's right for your skin is especially important before applying makeup. Apply a heavy moisturizer on oily skin and you could have makeup sliding down your face by midday. Use too light of a moisturizer on your dry skin and flakiness might start showing through your foundation. Browse Lexli's selection of moisturizers
  5. Get Set - Gentle facial toners are beneficial for their multi-tasking abilities. Products like Lexli Tone & Balance aloe vera toner can be spritzed onto skin after cleansing to remove any remaining makeup from the skin and to balance skin pH, applied after makeup application to set your look into place, and can be used throughout the day to keep skin hydrated without messing up your makeup. Recommended product: Lexli Tone & Balance