The Best Skincare Advice I Received (Guest Post)

We're excited to share with you today a guest post from Emily Polner who blogs at No Repeats or Hesitations, where she offers fashion and beauty tips. We asked Emily to share with us the best skincare advice she ever received. Take a look at her solid list and you might find a tip or two that gets added to your own personal list of best advice.

I’ve been experimenting with skincare since my early teen years and have definitely made my share of mistakes along the way. Over a decade and hundreds of skincare products later, I can finally say I have a good sense of what works and what to avoid. Everyone’s skin is different, but these five tips are tried and true for all skincare types. Here’s a list of the best skincare advice I have ever received, from magazines and blogs, friends, my mom, and good ol’ fashioned trial-and-error.

1. Less is More

It’s easy to go overboard with both buying and using skincare products (I’m 100000% guilty of this), but “less is more” couldn’t be more true. Not only can your skin actually look worse after you’ve applied too many products, the ingredients can cancel each other out, which means you’re wasting time, money, product, and effort. When building a skincare routine, take a close look at the ingredients on the label to make sure that they’re compatible. When I simplified my routine, my skin looked notably brighter and was far less acne-prone.

2. Invest in a Quality Eye Cream

In addition to sunscreen, which is proven in its ability to fight off crows feet and wrinkles, a good eye cream can become your best friend. I love to use different eye creams in the morning and evening. My morning one contains caffeine and other ingredients to make me look and feel more awake than I actually am. My evening eye cream targets dryness and aging.

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3. Moisturize Beyond Your Face

The skin on your neck is just as delicate as the skin under your eyes and is one of the first areas on your body to show signs of aging. I totally used to neglect my neck in my skincare routine, but once I read about how vulnerable it is to wrinkles, I made sure to include it. Now, I use moisturizer on my neck twice a day. I also put moisturizer on my hands because they’re susceptible to aging quickly as well.

4. Always Take Your Skincare Routine With You When Traveling

I love to travel, but it absolutely wrecks my skin. Between flying and adjusting to a new city, I usually get hit with extreme dryness and acne (a double whammy). I always travel with a mini version of my skincare routine to help keep my skin on track and restore it after any damage.

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5. Target Different Skin Problems With Different Masks

Skincare products aren’t one size fits all, so it makes total sense to put on masks that target different problems on the areas of your face that need it. I first read about multi-masking in Allure and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t thought of putting different face masks on different parts of my face at the same time. There’s no need to cover your entire face with an acne-fighting mask if only your t-zone breaks out. Multi-masking is such a game changer!

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