Breaking Out is Hard to Do (Guest Post)

Acne is the most common skin ailment treated by physicians. While an estimated 40-50 million adolescents and young adults are affected by it, many individuals’ first experience with acne doesn’t occur until middle age. Regardless of the stage in life when you first encounter acne, however, the condition can be notoriously hard to control and it can leave a substantial emotional toll on a person.

We have all been there, waking up to a pimple that feels as though it were the size of a mountain and feeling oh-so-intimidated by its appearance, as if your looks or confidence have changed. I was mortified at the age of 12 (some many years ago) when a cute boy pointed out my first pimple.

I remember it well, it was the summer between 6th and 7th grade. Riding my bike to my childhood best friend’s house, I encountered one of the neighborhood boys and his “cute” friend. To avoid being seen, I pedaled fast and hard, trying to beat them. Behind me I could hear them screaming my name even louder, “Hey Mandy.” Alas, they caught up to me, and I knew what was going to happen next…

Trying to smile and laugh and get on with my ride, one of them pointed out the new bright, red pimple that had decided to make its appearance that day.

I was embarrassed then, and even today, in my late thirties, seeing a red blemish on my skin can make me question my appearance. My younger self would constantly apply SeaBreeze to my skin using a cotton ball, rubbing it over my face until it burned and tingled my skin. I did not know any better, and thought this was the solution to clearing it up.

As I have matured and grown a little wiser, I now pay more attention to the products I use on my skin. Having had cancer makes me especially more cautious. I stumbled upon Lexli products while doing research for an article I was working on as a health and wellness writer. I am not always keen on trying new products, however, I was curious about the company's use of pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera as the base of its products and, in particular, the company’s Acne Kit. I asked my teenage nephew to test out the product.

My nephew (17) plays high school basketball as a power forward. He is a dedicated player and in the gym daily. Keeping his skin clear and clean is always a challenge. He was kind enough to be a guinea pig for me and his first words upon trying the Lexli Acne Kit were, “Wow, this stuff smells so good.” Within a few days, we both saw a difference in his skin. (Read another Acne Kit testimonial.)

Now, I don’t personally use acne products anymore, however I wish I would have had a natural product to use when I was younger - not only for my skin’s physical appearance, but for my emotional wellness, as well. When facing an acne problem, it is important to understand the causes and to then find a sensible solution to avoid exacerbating the condition.

Causes of acne include:

  • Bacteria
  • Inflammation
  • Medications
  • Contraceptives
  • Follicular Keratinization - Dead skin cells that sluff off into the hair follicle cause sebum to build up.
  • Excess sebum - this can happen as a result of hormone changes.

(Read about the four main causes of acne.)

Finally, it is always advised that those with persistent acne work with a skin care professional to combat the condition and ensure a proper treatment approach, as many drugstore acne treatments contain abrasive ingredients that do more harm than good.

The lesson is this: to win the battle against acne you need a bit of patience, a solid understanding of the issues that cause it, and a well-formulated and powerful acne skin care routine. With that, I’m certain you, too, can make acne a memory.

Mandy Murry is an accredited international travel, lifestyle, health and wellness writer, with features published in Thrive Global, Bella Grace, 24Karat, NC Living, X Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Yucatán Times, Live and Invest Overseas, TravelAge West and more. Her captivating story-telling adds magic to her words and her passion for writing is as contagious as her passion for life and cloudsurfing (aka flying). Mandy blogs at