​Esthetician Talk: Celeste Rodrigues

Lexli continues its series of interviews with leaders within the field of esthetics to get their take on industry trends, learn their top skin care recommendations, hear their tips for those just beginning their career as an esthetician, and more. Whether you’re a professional in the field or a consumer looking for information to help your skin look and feel its best, we’re confident that the interviews in this series will hold valuable information for you.

Meet Celeste Rodrigues.

A licensed medical aesthetician, Celeste has built a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most sought after skin care professionals. Her client list at the Beverly Hills-based Celeste Rodrigues Skin Care includes many recognizable faces, each of whom depend on Celeste and her team to ensure their skin glows. She takes pride in incorporating the latest technologies and innovative new treatments into her services, a practice that allows her to meet her clients’ evolving skin care needs.

You’re accomplished at getting spectacular results for your clients so we wonder how you’d describe your skin care philosophy. Beyond that, what inspires you?

CR: My philosophy is that skin care is very individualistic. I appreciate that each client who steps into my treatment room trusts me to listen to their skin concerns and to select treatments that will help them meet their skin care goals. I strive to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible and to understand that I see us as being on this journey together.

I am so inspired by my clients. I see how hard they work, which only inspires me to work harder to get the best results possible for them.

What do you enjoy most in your role as a medical aesthetician?

CR: I love that my “job” never feels like work; rather, it’s something I look forward to every day. I take pride in my work of helping people achieve their skin care goals but also appreciate that, along the way, we end up talking about all aspects of life. Everyone has their own unique story and most people want someone they can open up to. I see my clients one to two times each month, depending on their goals (more than I see my own friends and family!), and it creates this bond that is more than skin deep.

What is the main skin issue you see in your treatment room each day?

CR: Everyone is looking for a more natural glow. Many of my celebrity clients struggle with lackluster skin because of the amount of makeup they must wear on a daily basis. Their skin takes a beating from the repetition of applying makeup, performing under hot lights, sweating and reapplying makeup. I strive to overcome those challenges by providing my clients with a cohesive and tailored skin care regimen that includes home care and professional treatments.

What is the most important piece of advice you have for new aesthetic graduates who are just entering the field and want to emulate your success?

CR: Keep working!! Mine was not an overnight success story. You have to put in the work and do whatever you can to get experience under your belt. Intern, take extra classes, participate in trainings . . . never stop learning and exploring your craft. The actual career is, in and of itself, a journey!

If a client was limited by budget and time, what would you suggest as the most vital skin care steps and, beyond that, the most important professional treatments?

CR: A basic skin care routine that consists of a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer and sunscreen will set your skin up for success. The Hydrafacial is an all-inclusive professional treatment that I highly recommend because it leaves your skin clean, exfoliated and nourished while still being affordable.

You’ve already had an incredible career. What do you envision for yourself in the future?

CR: It’s crazy to think I’ve already been at this for 10 years! I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I would love to expand my already growing team and space, seek out more leadership and teaching programs, and develop my own line of products.

Learn more about Celeste Rodrigues by visiting her website or her Instagram.

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