How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Waking up to a blemish on your face can ruin your entire day. We’ve all been there. And haven’t we tried everything from popping and squeezing to masking the zit with extra thick concealer? Or we’ve been willing to attempt any home remedy out of desperation to diminish the appearance of the unsightly pimple on our skin. But let’s face it, all we really managed to do was make it worse. The tips that follow provide advice on how to get rid of blemishes and how to heal your skin fast and better yet, how to prevent pimples altogether.

  1. Stop Popping

    While zit popping may seem like a great solution to rid yourself of a blemish, resist the urge. A popped pimple will only take longer to heal and can introduce more bacteria which raises the risk of infection and scarring. Besides, have you ever tried covering up a blemish with concealer and foundation that you have popped? It’s not pretty. Your body will work fast to heal itself all on its own if you do nothing to help it along. But if you must, then read this blog on how to pop a zit properly and only pop if a whitehead is visible. Never pop a cyst.

  2. Spot Treat

    Applying a fast-acting anti-inflammatory spot treatment lotion to affected areas will not only reduce the inflammation and redness but will eliminate skin congestion diminishing the potential for future acne breakouts. Finding a product like Lexli Clarifying Lotion that is formulated with a nurturing and healing base of aloe vera along with ingredients proven to be tough on blemishes like Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid is key.

  3. Steam

    Your esthetician does not have to be the only one performing a steam facial on you. You can receive the same beneficial effects at home with a bowl of steaming water and a towel covering your head. This practice can be incorporated into your own beauty regimen to clear clogged pores, hydrate skin, balance complexion and increase circulation to the skin.

  4. Wash with Gentle Cleanser

    Wash twice daily with a gentle cleanser formulated to not only discourage the development of future acne but also one that quickly heals existing blemishes. A product like Lexli’s Acne Cleanser is not only perfect for those with acne-prone skin, but also those with oily and combination skin.

  5. Hydrate Skin Every Day

    As much as you think you should dry out your blemish and skip this step, don’t! Using an oil-free lightweight moisturizer appropriate for your skin type will actually provide the needed hydration that all skin, no matter the type, craves. When skin is unbalanced, it will, in fact, overcompensate and your sebaceous glands will work overtime producing more sebum oil. Try a lightweight moisturizer like Lexli’s moisturizer for acne if you have acne prone, oily or combination skin and Simply Hydration if you have normal to dry skin.

  6. Avoid Touching Your Face

    Wash your hands frequently to remove oils and bacteria that can aggravate blemishes and avoid touching your face with your hands.

  7. Change Your Pillow Case Regularly

    Your pillow case just may be contributing to your breakouts by housing dirt and oil which transfers to your skin. Sleep on pillow cases made of natural fabrics, launder every 2-3 days with fragrance-free detergents and avoid using fabric softeners.

  8. Practice Yoga

    Yoga poses like inversions (Downward Facing Dog, Bridge, Wheel, etc.) can speed up the healing process of a blemish. Consistent daily yoga practice in the morning and night (especially at night when your skin works double duty to repair and heal itself) will increase blood flow to the face, thereby expediting the healing process of a blemish.

  9. Wear Sunscreen

    As a blemish heals, your skin triggers the production of pigment cells resulting in dark-colored scars called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. When affected skin is exposed to UV rays, melanin cells are stimulated which make the hyperpigmentation darker, redder and visible longer. To prevent that, find a sunscreen spray for face with a formula that won’t clog pores with a minimum SPF 15.

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