Skin Improvement: Insights from an Esthetician’s Experience with Lexli

Like many estheticians, Tanya Rojas was drawn to the industry after enduring her own skin challenges. It was her discovery of Lexli during esthetics school that helped to transform her skin and is helping her bring undeniable improvement to the skin of her clients at Natural Esthetics by Tanya in Waxahachie, Texas.

After the birth of her last child, Tanya experienced a dramatic change in her skin. As someone who had clear skin as a teen, she was battling acne for the first time and, given its hormonal nature, nothing was helping. “I experimented with countless products, ranging from cheap drugstore brands to expensive lines, but nothing helped,” recalls Tanya

Sampling Professional Lines

After her youngest child went to kindergarten, Tanya went off to school herself - esthetics school. During her training, she had the opportunity to sample numerous professional skincare lines. However, many of them caused her to break out, leading to the discovery that her skin is sensitive to a few particular ingredients. The experience made her more discerning about the products she used, leading her to compile a short list of the brands she wanted to try based on the ingredients they used - and didn’t use. Lexli caught her attention particularly due to its aloe-based formulations. “I’ve always considered aloe to be a valuable skincare ingredient and the fact that Lexli incorporates it as the base ingredient made perfect sense to me.”

Tanya first tried Lexli’s acne line and immediately saw impressive results. Her breakouts started to clear almost immediately and her skin became noticeably calmer. She was particularly surprised to find that her redness subsided. “My skin has honestly never looked so good and I attribute much of that to Lexli.”

Client Success Stories

Upon opening her own esthetics practice, Tanya quickly noticed a trend in the clients she was attracting: those with mature, aging skin and clients with acne. She, therefore, found Lexli to be an obvious skincare brand to carry in her business. Tanya enthusiastically notes, “I understand Lexli even better now that I use it daily on so many different types of skin and what I have overwhelmingly found is that my clients’ skin just drinks up these products.”

To give her clients a chance to experience Lexli’s benefits first-hand, Tanya offers her clients trial-sized kits following their treatments. This approach allows her clients to observe how their skin responds to Lexli before committing to full-sized products. It’s a solution that her clients appreciate and one that has resulted in many success stories.

One notable success story involves a client who had suffered extensive skin damage during breast cancer treatment. After purchasing the Lexli Anti-Aging Trial Kit, she returned within a month to express her love for the line and to showcase the improvement in her skin. “She told me that she visits her dermatologist several times a year and on her last visit, he was astounded by the improvement in her skin,” adds Tanya.

before and after showing improved skin aesthetics from Lexli

Another client who had long suffered from persistent redness received a Lexli trial kit from Tanya. Three weeks later, the client sent her before and after photos to demonstrate the striking difference in her skin.

before and after showing reduction in redness from Lexli

Although Tanya no longer struggles with acne, she continues to incorporate products from the Lexli acne line into her daily routine. Her skincare routine is currently as follows:

Tanya's Skincare Routine

  • Morning

  • Step 1: Cleanse with Acne Cleanser
  • Step 2: Apply Clarifying Lotion (Tanya notes that she finds this product works best when used as a spot treatment)
  • Step 3: Apply a serum
  • Step 4: Apply AloeGlyC (According to Tanya, “AloeGlyC is the cherry on top of the Lexli line. If you’re going to use Lexli, you have to use AloeGlyC!”)
  • Step 5: Apply Acne Moisturizer
  • Evening

  • Step 1: Apply Acne Cleanser
  • Step 2: Step 2: Apply Simply Hydration moisturizer

Finally, when asked what basic skincare tips she offers her clients, Tanya stresses the non-negotiable importance of washing your face before bed. She adds that, for those clients who are hesitant to implement a thorough skincare routine, she tells them to keep it simple. “You can accomplish a lot by simply cleansing your skin, applying AloeGlyC and following with moisturizer.”

To learn about Natural Esthetics by Tanya, visit her website or her Instagram.